Development of an Efficient Tapered Slip-Form System Applying BIM Technology


Slip-form system constitutes the latest technology for the erection of elevated concrete pylons. This paper investigates the design of slip-form system applying BIM technology for the efficient development of the slip-form system. The considered pylon has a height of 10 m and presents the rectangular hollow section generally adopted in cable-supported bridges. The slip-form was thus designed to accommodate the tapered cross-section and changing thickness considering the continuous placing of concrete. In addition, the safety of the system was examined with regard to the various loads applied on the slip form along the construction. The design results could be verified visually through BIM and the applicability of the designed slip-form was validated in advance through virtual assembly and construction.

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H. Yoon, W. Chin, H. Kim and Y. Kim, "Development of an Efficient Tapered Slip-Form System Applying BIM Technology," Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 9, 2013, pp. 693-699. doi: 10.4236/eng.2013.59082.

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