Application of the dust simulation models in the Middle East, and dust-dispersion toward the western/southwestern Iran (case study: 22-26 June 2010)


Many developed researches have confirmed the increasing of dust event and its dangerous impacts on the environment, health, economy, etc. in west and southwest ofIranduring the recent decade. This investigation aims to have a comparison between the derived outputs from the dust simulation models and satellite images analysis over 22-26 June 2010, as this spell is considered a typical case of the dust event over the western/southwestern parts of Iran. We found that the obtained results from the HYSPLIT and WRF/CHEM models respectively on dust dispersion trajectories and aerosol concentration rate were reliable to be used in dust prediction systems over the region.

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Zoljoodi, M. , Didevarasl, A. and Montazerzohor, Z. (2013) Application of the dust simulation models in the Middle East, and dust-dispersion toward the western/southwestern Iran (case study: 22-26 June 2010). Natural Science, 5, 818-831. doi: 10.4236/ns.2013.57099.

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