Prevalence of HBs Ag among blood donors in Transfusion Center, Abidjan (Ivory Coast)


Aim: To study the prevalence of HBsAg among persons without risk factors for hepatitis B. Patients and Methods: Cross-sectional study (28 January to 31 December 2010) about 4310 new volunteers blood donors consecutively recruited. Among all, a risk factor for hepatitis B was investigated (standardized questionnaire and clinical examination). Blood of all blood donors without risk factors of hepatitis B (n = 3823) were systematically collected for HBsAg, hepatitis C antibody, syphilis serology and human immunodeficiency virus serology. The blood was analyzed with a third generation ELISA (Abbott Murex). Results: HBsAg was positive in 179 persons (4.68% [95% CI 4% - 5%]). It was associated with hepatitis C antibodies (0.28% (n = 11)), syphilis antibodies (0.68% (n = 26)) or anti-human immunodeficiency virus antibodies (0.2% (n = 8)). In multivariate analysis, age 30 to 39 years (1.545 [95% CI 1.074 to 2.222]), male sex (2.426 [95% CI 1.550 to 3.799]) and positive syphilis serology (14.344 [95% CI 5.161 to 39.865]) were associated with presence of HBsAg. Conclusion: The prevalence of HBsAg among adult without risk factors for hepatitis B was not negligible. Also, it is essential to maintain routine screening before any vaccination against hepatitis B in adult. Our study is not for an immunization against hepatitis B only targeting risk populations in adult.

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N’dri, N. , Thot’o, A. , Okon, A. , Assi, C. , Allah-Kouadio, E. , Soro, D. , Diakité, M. , Koné, A. , Koné, S. , Lohouès-Kouacou, M. and Camara, B. (2013) Prevalence of HBs Ag among blood donors in Transfusion Center, Abidjan (Ivory Coast). Open Journal of Gastroenterology, 3, 165-169. doi: 10.4236/ojgas.2013.33027.

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