Aspergilloma in a Pulmonary Hydatid


Aspergilloma infection in the lung can occur in preexisting cavities and is usually seen after tuberculosis, pulmonary infarction and bronchestasis. Occassionally aspergilloma has been reported within a hydatid cyst. We describe a patient with aspergilloma formed within cyst hydatid. The primary symptom in this patient was recurrent hemoptysis. In this 42-year-old male, the diagnosis was established by HRCT chest. Treatment consisted of postero-lateral thoracotomy with a bilobectomy of lower and middle lobe. Aspergilloma is an unusual complication of hydatid cyst and results from the deterioration of local defence against opportunistic infections.

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Tiwari, N. , Kaushik, R. , Kumar, G. , Ganguly, G. and Hasnain, S. (2013) Aspergilloma in a Pulmonary Hydatid. World Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, 3, 108-110. doi: 10.4236/wjcs.2013.33020.

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