Status and strategies in breeding for rust resistance in wheat


Wheat along with rice and maize is fulfilling half of the calories demands of the world. Global Wheat production has increased tremendously since green revolution in 1960’s and helped in minimizing hunger and malnutrition. Developing countries, which consume 60% of the global wheat production, have shown a higher yield increase than the developed countries in the past [1]. It was driven by the hunger prevalence in these countries and was attributable to the introduction of high yielding and rusted resistant semi dwarf varieties developed under the collaborative efforts of International and National research systems during the last 50 years. Whereas, climate change and the emergence of new pests and diseases are threatening the food sustainability. The evolution of new races of disease pathogens like stem rust (Ug 99) is of serious concern. In order to feed the ever increasing population we have to increase wheat production at the rate 1.6% which can be achieved by developing high yielding varieties having a good tolerance level for biotic and abiotic stresses.

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Khan, M. , Bukhari, A. , Dar, Z. and Rizvi, S. (2013) Status and strategies in breeding for rust resistance in wheat. Agricultural Sciences, 4, 292-301. doi: 10.4236/as.2013.46042.

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