Intracystic bleeding of a solitary hydatid cyst: A rare complication of a rare disease in central Africa. A case report


Splenic cysts are rare lesions and most of them are hydatid in origin. Hydatid disease is very rare in central Africa although it is cosmopolitan in North Africa. We are presenting a case of intracystic bleeding complicated with shock in a rural based Cameroonian and owner of hunting dogs treated in our university teaching hospital.

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Firmin, A. , Bernadette, N. , Catherine, M. , Roger, D. , Eric, T. , Oudou, N. , Claude, N. , McManus, D. and Eimo, M. (2013) Intracystic bleeding of a solitary hydatid cyst: A rare complication of a rare disease in central Africa. A case report. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 2, 163-166. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2013.22044.

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