The psychophysics of а human brain subjective activity

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Recently we have established the existence of a “psychogenic field”, which are most likely reflecting on the human brain subjective state. The goal of this study is to further explore the human subjective state which can be registered remotely and objectively in the context of human subjective state. The analysis of the remote influence of a human subjective state on the blood physical and chemical parameters appeared to be main driving horse. The concept of specific physical phenomena in the brain does not exist in the abiocoen. Future exploring pattern of the relationships between the neurophysiologic and subjective processes in the systemic organization of “goal-seeking” behavior suggests that the paradigm presuming the existence of physical phenomena as a unique interrelationship for the active human brain, and their role in the origin of a subjective state.

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Yumatov, E. (2013) The psychophysics of а human brain subjective activity. World Journal of Neuroscience, 3, 61-68. doi: 10.4236/wjns.2013.32009.

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