Influence of compound aescine gel on ultrastructure of vein infused mannitol and its mechanism


Purpose: When hypertonic solution 20% mannitol solution was injected into vein, inflammatory mediators and Mitogen-activated protein kinases activated by mannitol can directly induce the fading of vascular endothelial cell, which leads to phlebitis. The study aims to observe the influences of reparil-gel N coated at the proximal parts of the puncture point and basing on this along with infusing heated mannitol to veins to the injure and ultrastructure of veins which were infused the 20% mannitol solution by indwelling needle in vein. Methodology: There are 15 adult New Zealand rabbits. We randomly divided 24 ear veins of 12 adult New Zealand rabbits into Control group, Gelatum group, Gel heated group and injected 20% mannitol solution by vein detained needle in three groups. In Gelatum group, we coated the proximal end of the puncture point with a thin layer of compound aescine gel. Based on Gelatum group, we heated 20% mannitol solution to 35oC-37oC in Gel heated group. Then we observed the intravenous parts and took the veins of each group out to observe their morphology and ultrastructural after the second day of transfusion. 6 ear veins of the rest 3 rabbits as Health group weren’t given any interventions, the veins were taken out to observe their morphology. Results: Comparison between Gelatum group and Gelatum heated group on vascular dilatation, Infiltration of inflammatory cell and Formation of thrombus had no significance, P> 0.05, while the case was different for the comparison on injury of vascular wall, perivascular edema and perivascular hemorrhage, P< 0.05). The statistical significance exists between control group and Gelatum group and Gel heated group, P< 0.05. It was observed under the electron microscope that, in control group, the membrane of endothelial cell peeled off and the mitochondria swelled and vacuolized. In Gelatum group, the membrane of endothelial cell was defective, the parts of the mitochondria were fuzzy, intercellular substance was slightly edematous. In Gel heated group, the mitochondria were clear and intercellular substance slightly swelled. It could be found that the function of phagocyte was complete. Conclusions: Compound aescine gel can prevent phlebitis or reduce the incidence of phlebitis. The combined intervention of coating with a thin layer of compound aescine gel and heating mannitol solution can produce better effect.

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Zhang, J., Wang, H., Gui, Y., Li, W. and Zhou, W. (2013) Influence of compound aescine gel on ultrastructure of vein infused mannitol and its mechanism. Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research, 1, 30-35. doi: 10.4236/fmar.2013.12006.

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