Ovarian desmoplastic small round cell tumors: Prognosis is poor! Case report


The tumor desmoplastic small round cell in women is rare. Ovarian its location is exceptional. We report a patient of 20 years, the originalNorth Africawho consulted for an increase in abdominal volume with impaired general condition. Pelvic ultrasonography and computed tomography were in favor of multiple peritoneal masses with ascites. After surgical exploration, the histological and immunohistochemical data for diagnosis small round cell desmoplastic tumor of ovarian the patient was a candidate for poly chemotherapy but she was died a month later. Diagnosis relies on histological and immunohistochemical data. The demonstration of a nonrandom translocation t (11; 22) (p13; q12) is specific for the disease. The management is multidisciplinary and combining surgery, a poly aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The prognosis remains poor.

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Saadi, H. , Fatmi, H. , Mamouni, N. , Errarhay, S. , Bouchikhi, C. , Amarti, A. and Banani, A. (2013) Ovarian desmoplastic small round cell tumors: Prognosis is poor! Case report. Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 3, 235-238. doi: 10.4236/ojog.2013.32044.

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