Thromboelastography Use in the Perioperative Transfusion Management of a Patient with Hemophilia A Undergoing Liver Transplantation

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The thrombelastogram is a method used to monitor clotting dynamics. Thrombelastography (TE) has been used to guide therapy of coagulation disorders mostly in cardiac surgery but also in liver surgery. TE is a useful tool for perioperative management of patients at risk for coagulopathy. There are several reports describing the use of the thrombelastogram in patients undergoing orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT), but only few cases include patients with both liver disease and inherited bleeding disorders. We describe the use of TE in a patient with hemophilia A and advanced cirrhosis undergoing OLT.

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Mejia, A. , Mendoza, M. , Mejia, C. and Lee, G. (2013) Thromboelastography Use in the Perioperative Transfusion Management of a Patient with Hemophilia A Undergoing Liver Transplantation. Open Journal of Organ Transplant Surgery, 3, 13-17. doi: 10.4236/ojots.2013.31003.

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