Multidimensional electrostatic energy and classical renormalization
Sami M. ALJaber
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Recent interest in problems in higher space di mensions is becoming increasingly important and attracted the attention of many investigators in variety of fields in physics. In this paper, the electrostatic energy of two geometries (a charged spherical shell and a nonconducting sphere) is calculated in higher space dimension, N. It is shown that as the space dimension increases, up to N = 9, the electrostatic energy of the two geometries decreases and beyond N = 9 it increases. Furthermore, we discuss a simple example which illustrates classical renormalization in electrostatics in higher dimensions.

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ALJaber, S. (2010) Multidimensional electrostatic energy and classical renormalization. Natural Science, 2, 760-763. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.27095.

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