Study of Environmental Radiation on Sand and Soil Samples from Kuakata Sea Beach of Patuakhali


The activity concentrations of radionuclides in the sand and soil samples collected from Kuakata seabeach of Patuakhali district in Bangladesh have measured using a high resolution high purity germanium (HPGe) detector of relative efficiency 40%. The activity concentrations of 226Ra, 232Th and 40K were found in the sand samples of Kuakata seabeach varied from 2.82 ± 4.89 to 87.96 ± 4.45 Bq.Kg–1, 21.72 ± 16.27 to 290.93 ± 18.15 Bq.Kg–1 and 26.24 ± 0.35 to 852.05 ± 142.15 Bq.Kg–1 respectively. For soil samples the activity concentrations of corresponding radionuclides were found to be 20.98 ± 3.96 to 42.92 ± 4.76 Bq.Kg–1, 59.25 ± 15.62 to 144.34 ± 18.52 Bq.Kg–1 and 570.43 ± 100.3 to 1165 ± 166.27 Bq.Kg–1 respectively. The average absorbed dose rate due to radionuclides in sand was estimated to range from 51.84 to 246.55 nGy.h–1 with an average of 98.33 nGy.h–1. Also the average absorbed dose rate due to radionuclides in soil was estimated to range from 76.63 nGy.h–1 to 142.36 nGy.h–1 with an average of 110.04 nGy.h–1. Radium equivalent activities were calculated for the analyzed samples to assess the radiation hazards arising due to the presence of this radionuclide in the samples. Most of the calculated radium equivalent activities are lower than the limit set in the OECD report (370–1). The measured representative level index values for the investigated samples varied in the range 0.8 to 3.75.

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K. Islam, D. Paul, M. Bhuiyan, A. Akter, B. Neher and S. Islam, "Study of Environmental Radiation on Sand and Soil Samples from Kuakata Sea Beach of Patuakhali," Journal of Environmental Protection, Vol. 3 No. 9, 2012, pp. 1078-1084. doi: 10.4236/jep.2012.39126.

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