Langmuir films stability phenomenon of glycerol dialkyl nonitol tetraether at the air-water interface for variations spreading time


Langmuir films behavior of asymmetric glycerol dialkyl nonitol tetraether (GDNT) lipids at the air-water interface (temperature 19℃ ± 1℃) investigated the stability of the mean ratio of Langmuir films for different spreading time prior to the transfer film. Floating monolayer films stability is an important parameter to obtain high-quality Langmuir-Blodgett films for their aplications. Hysteresis loop of the compression-decompression (μ-A) isotherms of Langmuir film GDNT used to analyze the thermodynamic stability of the monolayer films and its features. Langmuir films stability of tetraether lipid GDNT shown more stable at the time of spreading longer than a short time.

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Vidawati, S. , Bakowsky, U. and Rothe, U. (2012) Langmuir films stability phenomenon of glycerol dialkyl nonitol tetraether at the air-water interface for variations spreading time. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 2, 233-237. doi: 10.4236/abc.2012.23028.

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