Analysis of Vortex Motion in Porous Media


In vortex motion fluid moves in curve path and the stream lines are curved. When the fluid flows between curved stream line, the centrifugal forces are setup which is counter balanced by pressure forces acting in the radial direction. The vortex motion has two types of curved motion. The first type called free vortex type, the fluid moves due to its own natural effect but energy is not added to fluid when moving in curved path. The second type called forced vortex, in which energy is added to fluid. A two dimensional steady laminar free convective flow of viscous incompressible flow in porous media voids is considered. In this paper the motion of fluid is studied while moving in the porous media. It is studied that the motion of the fluid in the porous media is vortex motion at the low Reynolds’s number, where the motion is laminar motion and the fluid obeys the laws of vortex motion.

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Singh, B. and Singh, C. (2012) Analysis of Vortex Motion in Porous Media. Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control, 2, 32-34. doi: 10.4236/jectc.2012.22003.

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