Application of microspectral luminescent analysis to study the intracellular metabolism in single cells and cell systems
Natalia A. Karnaukhova, Larisa A. Sergievich, Valery N. Karnaukhov
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Spectral luminescent analysis of single cells and cellular systems enable us to reveal the initial changes of intracellular metabolism that can followed by human diseases or failure in biocenosis. Two cytodiagnostic systems of de-vices and techniques have been developed: 1) Microspectrofluorimeters registering the fluo-rescent spectra of individual cells or intracellular organelles used for fundamental investigations of cell reactions and for discovering and studying new dimensionless fluorescent characteristic parameters reflecting the biochemical or physiological properties of the cells; 2) Double- and multi-wave microfluorimeters for rapid registration of fluorescent characteristic para- meters for many cells to obtain statistical information about cell population. These techni- ques are useful especially in medical and eco-logical investigations.

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Karnaukhova, N. , Sergievich, L. and Karnaukhov, V. (2010) Application of microspectral luminescent analysis to study the intracellular metabolism in single cells and cell systems. Natural Science, 2, 444-449. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.25054.

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