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Production of Phosphate-Rich Biofertiliser Using Vermicompost and Anaerobic Digestor Sludge—A Case Study

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This paper presents the technology and cost effectiveness of production of phosphate rich biofertiliser (called PROM) by bioconversion of phosphate rock ore into soluble phosphates (that are directly assimilable by plants) in presence of an organic manure such as Vermicompost or anaerobic digestor sludge (discharged from biogas manufacturing units) and using a microbial culture of Bacillus megatherium var phosphaticum. PROM has been found to be an excellent, less expensive, substitute to synthetic phosphatic fertilisers such as SSP, MAP and DAP. This is based on real—life field trials. It is also possible to integrate the production of PROM, with biogas generation and the layout of such a more profitable, integrated scheme is also presented in this paper.

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M. Narayanan, C. (2012) Production of Phosphate-Rich Biofertiliser Using Vermicompost and Anaerobic Digestor Sludge—A Case Study. Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science, 2, 187-191. doi: 10.4236/aces.2012.22022.


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