U and Th Determination in Natural Samples Using CR-39 and LR-115 Track Detectors
S. A. Eman, S. H. Nageeb, A. R. El-Sersy
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In this work, a simple and accurate method for U and Th determination in natural samples is proposed. This method is based on simplified calculations of the efficiency factor of the solid state track detector using a thin source approach. Samples were firstly saluted using a concentrated H2SO4 acid and then distributed on a glassy slide where the thickness of the sample was about 7 μm. CR-39 and LR-115 track detectors were exposed to the thin layer of the natural samples for few days and then the track densities were obtained. By the mean of originated track densities in CR-39 and LR-115 as a function of exposure time and sample weight, the concentration of U and Th in Bq/kg were obtained by the thin source approach of SSNTD.

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S. Eman, S. Nageeb and A. El-Sersy, "U and Th Determination in Natural Samples Using CR-39 and LR-115 Track Detectors," World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 2 No. 1, 2012, pp. 36-40. doi: 10.4236/wjnst.2012.21006.

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