Hydriding and dehydriding kinetics of melt spun nanocrystalline Mg20Ni10-xCux (x = 0-4) alloys
Yang-Huan Zhang, Dong-Liang Zhao, Bao-Wei Li, Hui-Ping Ren, Shi-Hai Guo, Xin-Lin Wang
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The nanocrystalline Mg2Ni-type electrode alloys with nominal compositions of Mg20Ni10-xCux (x = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4) were synthesized by melt-spinning technique. The microstructures of the alloys were characterized by XRD, SEM and HRTEM. The hydrogen absorption and desorption kinet-ics of the alloys were measured using an auto-matically controlled Sieverts apparatus. The re- sults show that all the as-spun alloys hold ty- pical nanocrystalline structure. The substitution of Cu for Ni does not change the major phase Mg2Ni but it leads to the formation of the sec-ondary phase Mg2Cu. The hydrogen absorption capacity of the alloys first increases and then decreases with rising Cu content, but the hy-drogen desorption capacity of the alloys mono- tonously grows with increasing Cu content. The melt spinning significantly improves the hydro- genation and dehydrogenation capacities and kinetics of the alloys.

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Zhang, Y. , Zhao, D. , Li, B. , Ren, H. , Guo, S. and Wang, X. (2010) Hydriding and dehydriding kinetics of melt spun nanocrystalline Mg20Ni10-xCux (x = 0-4) alloys. Natural Science, 2, 18-25. doi: 10.4236/ns.2010.21003.

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