In Mourning and Memory of Late Professor Kuo-Chen Chou (3)





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Yagoub, M. (2021) In Mourning and Memory of Late Professor Kuo-Chen Chou (3). Health, 13, 3-3. doi: 10.4236/health.2021.137A003.

Professor Kuo-Chen Chou (August 14, 1938 ~ July 5, 2021) passed away at the Brigham Women Hospital because of lung cancer, aged 82 Natural science journal lost one of the main leaders and corner stones of natural science journal. My research group in Sudan is deeply indebted to natural science and to Kuo-Chen Chou for their invaluable support to our new radical changes made to promote special relativity and quantum mechanics by incorporating for the first time and recognizing the effect of the potential, pressure and temperature on physical systems. Without the open mind of the natural science editorial board including Chou, these new radical changes will never been published. I do believe that in the near future people will appreciate this pioneering role played by natural science and Kuo-Chen Chou in cooperating and enabling new physical theories to grow and be widely spread. We deeply mourn professor Kuo-Chen Chou loss and dictate his note to him.

Professor Kuo-Chen Chou was a Chinese-American biophysicist and bioinformatician who founded Gordon Life Science Institute, the first Internet Research Institute ever established in the world. He was also a Distinguished High Impact Professor and Advisory Professor of several Universities. As of April 2021, the citations of Professor Chou's papers reached 80,500 with H-index over 166 according to Google Scholar Citations. He was named by Thompson Reuters/ Clarivate Analytics as a Highly Cited Researcher for continuous 5 years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) also ranking several times among the top producers of Hot Papers, including in the most recent tally, listed in the “World’s Most Influential Minds”.

Professor will be remembered as one of the most open mined scientists within the world wide community.

Prof. Mubarak Dirar Abd-Alla Yagoub

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