On the Ideological and Political Construction of Teachers’ Curriculum in Higher Vocational Colleges—Take the Course “Feature Film Creation” as an Example


The implementation of ideological and political theories teaching in professional courses in higher vocational colleges is an important part of the synergy between various courses and ideological and political theory courses. This paper mainly introduces the construction path of ideological and political reform in the course of feature film creation and the implementation cases of two teaching methods in the course teaching. It is of great value in promoting the reform of integrating ideological and political theories teaching in all courses.

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Li, C. and Shi, Y. (2021) On the Ideological and Political Construction of Teachers’ Curriculum in Higher Vocational Colleges—Take the Course “Feature Film Creation” as an Example. Open Access Library Journal, 8, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1107201.

1. Introduction

China’s General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities that we should use new media information technology to make our work work, promote the traditional advantages of ideological and political work and highly integrate information technology, and enhance the sense of the times and the attraction. The idea of ideological and political course is to radiate the concentric circle of ideological and political course with ideological and political course as the center and professional course as the radius. Curriculum ideological and political education is an innovation of traditional curriculum teaching mode, which strengthens the penetration of values in the teaching process of professional courses and makes students resonate. Realize the unity of “knowledge imparting” and “value leading” of professional courses, form resonance effect and butterfly effect (The People’s Daily, 2016) [1]. At present, Shanghai Publishing and printing college is constantly carrying out the ideological and political reform of the curriculum, which highlights the more important practical significance for the improvement of our ideological and political education and professional quality. Through the ideological and political construction of “feature film creation” course, this paper summarizes the three dimensional construction ideas in the process of practice, and strengthens the ideological and political guidance effect in and out of class by means of “Topic Implantation”.

2. Multi-Dimensional Construction of Ideological and Political Practice in the Course of Feature Film Creation

Ideological and political elements are the primary and key to carry out ideological and political teaching. Only by implementing the ideological and political education of the course, grasping the characteristics of the discipline and specialty, firmly establishing the teaching concept of the same frequency resonance of knowledge imparting and value leading, fully excavating the elements of ideological and political education in the course, and organically integrating with the professional content, can we have a targeted and accurate strategy, and make the classroom teaching silent. The outline design of the course “feature film creation” contains explicit and implicit ideological and political education connotation. It puts education in the first place, and carries out in-depth exploration and construction closely around the goal of cultivating morality and cultivating socialist builders and successors.

Xi Jinping pointed out that general secretary with a good classroom teaching the main channel, to adhere to in the improvement of ideological and political theory to strengthen and improve ideological and political education and targeted affinity and meet the demand of students’ growth development and look forward to, other each lesson is to keep a canal, a kind of good responsibility farmland, make all kinds of courses with the direction of ideological and political theory, form a synergistic effect. So that all kinds of courses and ideological and political theory courses should be accompanied by peers and form a synergy effect. In the course of ideological and political construction, Shanghai Publishing and printing college has formed a multi-dimensional construction, such as the pilot college and the ideological and political pilot program. It has formed the “three types of moral education” (moral education, moral education, fun education, finishing touch, topic embedded, element combination) as the implementation of the standard “course in class” version 2.0 of the course ideological and political reform results, and the reform of these teaching methods is very important It reflects the “double promotion effect” of knowledge and skills training and ideological and political education, and forms the “course in class” teaching mode of all kinds of courses and ideological and political courses. Through the above effective model construction, our school has formed a strong grasp in the following aspects: deeply excavating the ideological and political elements in the curriculum; grasping the law of ideological and political education, finding the right demand point; adhering to the organic combination of theoretical education and practical activities, and encouraging students to integrate knowledge with practice.

3. The Path and Method of Ideological and Political Construction of Feature Film Creation Course

This course combines the ideological and political construction of the course with the teaching reform, integrates the professional knowledge with the education of socialist core values and humanistic feelings, and effectively uses the teaching means of “Topic Implantation” and “Principle, Law, Technique and Instrument”.

3.1. On the Basis of Topic Implantation, Establishing the Ideological and Political Implementation Path of Modular Curriculum in Class

On the basis of not breaking the original teaching structure, the course of “feature film creation” embeds a certain topic of ideological and political education, so as to deepen students’ understanding of various courses and improve their understanding of ideological and political morality. The main practice path is to lead the ideological value through the curriculum standards, curriculum content, teaching design, teaching evaluation and other major teaching links. Feature film teaching is the creation mode of theme first, which is a modular course under the process of production. Among them, the ideological and political grafting of embedded course is the most effective (Teng Yuemin, Zhang Yuhua, Ma Qianfeng, 2019) [2].

On the basis of adhering to the explanation and practice of basic skills, this paper introduces macro national feature films for case analysis and interpretation, introduces “Ideological and Political Cases” into theory and practice teaching, and “moral education in teaching” guides college students to pay more attention to national current affairs, designs practical exercises “topic embedded”, and records the strength and courage of small and medium-sized people in major events with professional skills. In the epidemic situation starting in 2020, through the online form of the network, the knowledge points of topic selection in the course “feature film creation” and the documentary pictures of the medical staff participating in the anti-epidemic are taken as teaching analysis cases. While explaining the professional knowledge, the students are silently shown the advantages of the socialist system embodied in the war, and spread and embody the socialist core values.

3.2. Strengthening the Ideological and Political Effect of Extracurricular Network Second Classroom

The ideological and political path construction of “Principle, Law, Technique and Instrument” course refers to that “Principle” means to guide students to reason, follow the right path, and practice morality, so as to realize value guidance; “Law” means to follow the teaching rules; “Technique” means to build a multi-path teaching method of finishing point, topic embedded, and element combination; “Instrument” means to integrate information technology. With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet, in the process of implementing ideological and political education, we must change the traditional explanation of pure theory courses and make full use of the advantages of Internet information. The core idea of network environment is to open and share, to integrate teaching platform and resource elements organically, to integrate network technology deeply in professional course teaching, to innovate heuristic, experiential and interactive teaching methods by using network multimedia courseware, network course resource library and other information resources, and by using new media, we media, financial media and other means. Combined with flipped classroom, micro class and MOOC, online question answering and resource sharing are realized, and classroom teaching mode is constantly innovated. Using the framework of “Principle, Law, Technique and Instrumen”, from the perspective of professional courses, in each topic of “feature film creation”, combined with the original knowledge and skills, this paper puts forward the path of professional ideological and political construction, puts forward countermeasures, and realizes the integration of means.

4. The Application Effect of Ideological and Political Construction in the Course of Feature Film Creation

Organize students to watch movies after class and grasp the keynote of ideological and political education from the selected films. Combined with the professional characteristics that students majoring in film and television need to read a large number of films, as one of the professional basic courses, to increase the amount of films read by students, through watching a variety of high-quality classic films screened by professional teachers to enhance students’ understanding of the elements of film and television audition. For example, the viewing list of the special topic films in the course includes “I’m repairing cultural relics in the Forbidden City”, “the rise of a great power” and other film and television works, which reflect the new face of the times and promote the positive energy of society, and are effective ways to practice the ideological and political education of the course.

The course of feature film creation is a combination of theory and practice. In the practical teaching of film and television works creation, we should guide students to choose valuable parts from the mass of information and create positive energy works. For example, in the course, students subtly construct positive energy in their homework, and actively create amicro film “taking poker on the road” reflecting the lost children, which has been concerned by public welfare organizations and recognized by China University Film Festival.

5. Conclusions

The ideological and political reform of curriculum is of far-reaching significance. It is not only a battle to attack and defend ideology, but also an educational reform project that has made great achievements and benefits in the future. It plays a decisive role in the construction of study style and the success or failure of talent cultivation in Colleges and Universities. Maximizing the role of classroom teaching as the main channel of education is the key to improve the effectiveness of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. Combined with the trend of China’s ideological and political curriculum reform, practicing the “class in class” peer teaching mode, “feature film creation” in the continuous in-depth excavation, play the function of ideological and political education, at the same time, firmly grasp the main position of ideology, become a vivid practice of “guarding a channel, planting a good responsibility field”.

At the beginning of the study, this paper mainly uses the theoretical system of ideological and political education of our school, such as “Principle, Law, Technique and Instrument”, to carry out the research. The deficiency lies in the lack of research on students’ individual independence and the integration of ideological and political education. At present, the teaching objects of this course are all “00” students, who are in the profound economic change of the times, and pay great attention to the embodiment of personality and personal value. The impact of subjective ideological and political consciousness on students cannot be fully covered. This paper has not analyzed the personalized cases and integration path, and will continue to explore in the research.


Supported by Shanghai educational science research project “Research on Teachers’ role and teaching decision-making in Higher Vocational Colleges from the perspective of ethical regulations” Project No: C20107 (The role of the teacher in the curriculum is to make the best of the situation according to the characteristics of the students. Under the background of curriculum ideological and political construction, this paper elaborates the construction path of curriculum ideological and political construction. Under the multi-dimensional framework, teachers can effectively integrate ideological and political education into professional knowledge, design the teaching process in a more open and flexible way, and guide the teaching decision-making.)

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[1] The People’s Daily (2016) Xi Jinping Stressed at the National Conference on Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities: We Should Combine Ideological and Political Work with the Whole Process of Education and Teaching, and Strive to Create a New Development of China’s Higher Education, December 9th.
[2] Teng, Y., Zhang, Y. and Ma, Q. (2019) The Same Direction: The Same Frequency Resonance of Knowledge Imparting and Value Leading. China Education Newspaper, June 19, 2019.

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