An Effective Way to Integrate Red Family Traditions into College Students’ Socialist Core Values


In the process of Chinese revolution, reform and construction, the people of Sichuan have always actively participated in and devoted themselves to various causes of the country, and a large number of typical proletarian revolutionaries have emerged in the baptism of blood and fire. Their firm belief, patriotism for the people, filial piety, frugality, honest struggle of the red family spirit in the new era still have outstanding values of the Times and education value. The purpose of this paper is to study how college students can effectively inherit and practice the spirit of red family tradition. This paper mainly carries out research through analysis, examples and other methods. The result of this paper is that local colleges and universities can establish targeted work programs and mechanisms, and realize the transformation of the red family spirit in college students’ knowledge, feeling, meaning and faith through strengthening cognition, cultivating emotion and reforming traditional fuzzy moral judgment concepts.

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Zhang, J.F. (2021) An Effective Way to Integrate Red Family Traditions into College Students’ Socialist Core Values. Open Access Library Journal, 8, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1107145.

1. Introduction

The red family tradition is a moral style of firm belief, patriotism for the people, filial piety and thrift, and honest struggle formed by the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries in China in the process of Chinese revolution, reform, and construction. It is the wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party members' practice of self-cultivation in the family. As a spiritual force, the red family tradition continues the communists’ unique beliefs and the fine traditions of the country, nation, and family. It always nourishes and inspires generations of Communists to stay true to their original aspirations and shoulder their mission to build a harmonious family and prosperous China. The red family tradition has become an important part of the socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, the great spiritual pedigree and fine traditions of the Chinese Communists [1] .

In order to establish a moral concept in an individual and realize “internalization” in mind and externalization in behavior, we must start the value connection of “knowledge”, “feeling”, “meaning” and “trust” between “mind” and “behavior” [2] , so as to realize joint value identification and practice. Therefore, the use of the red culture in the proletarian revolutionary group to preserve the moral growth of college students must also strengthen cognition, cultivate emotions and other links. As far as college students are concerned, they should also combine with their goals and demands, reform the traditional moral judgment idea, and establish a realistic and verifiable moral file.

2. Colleges and Universities Should Establish a Working Mechanism to Carry Forward and Inherit the Red Family Motto Culture

Organizational safeguards: The realization of mission objectives cannot be separated from a strong organizational guarantee. As far as colleges and universities are concerned, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the university, as one of the important responsible departments of ideological education in colleges and universities, should play a leading role in carrying forward and inheriting the red family culture into the campus. In terms of the system, the Propaganda Department of the University Party Committee can, in the name of the University, formulate a feasible Implementation Plan for Carrying Forward and Inheriting Red Culture with top-level design, and require all departments to implement the plan according to the requirements. In terms of work, a corresponding leading group should be set up in the president’s office meeting. The Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the Youth League Committee of the University, the Student Affairs Office, the Academic Affairs Office and the Department of the Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences should cooperate with each other to form a resultant force. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the program, the work leading group should check and guide the work of the second-level units regularly, and make an evaluation and summary of the work at the end of the term or at the end of the year. To implement the units and individuals to carry out the corresponding material and spiritual rewards, in order to promote the sustainable development of the work.

Funding guarantee: The realization of the mission objectives cannot be separated from a strong financial guarantee. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the Implementation Plan for Promoting and Inheriting Red Culture, the President’s Office Association may allocate special funds. In this way, relevant academic lectures, elective courses, campus theme cultural activities, community cultural activities, social practice investigation and so on all have sustainable economic support.

3. Strengthen Cognition and Cultivate Students’ Comprehensive Grasp of the Cultural Spirit of the Red Family Style and Family Instruction

Family motto and family tradition culture is “old”, which is reflected in three aspects. First, it is very old. Since the New Culture Movement, people have kept a respectful distance from the tradition. The second is the text. The documents describing the traditional family teachings are often in classical Chinese, which is not easy for people to understand. Even college students find it difficult to read and understand; Third, the environment of The Times. In the new era, we have undergone tremendous changes compared with the past in all aspects, and so have the college students. For example, some college students in the past may not be able to solve the problem of food and clothing, but now college students generally do not consider these problems, a considerable part of them also pursue graduation travel, graduation plastic surgery, graduation photo, and so on. But we cannot give up the tradition and the value of the red family motto and culture because of its “old”. Then how to carry forward and publicize the traditional and red family culture in colleges and universities? Based on the resources and actual situation of colleges and universities, it can be carried out from the aspects of courses, academic lectures, campus theme culture, student theme societies and so on. For example, teachers in related majors can be encouraged to conduct elective courses or general education courses on “Red Family Culture”. Famous experts, scholars and even living proletarian revolutionaries and family members can be invited to carry out academic lectures on “Red Family Style” in colleges and universities. Campus cultural activities can be carried out on the theme of “drying family style, family words” campus cultural activities; Students with the same interests can be encouraged to set up “family ethics” associations. In terms of publicity media, colleges and universities can make full use of new media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and live broadcasting to publicize influential stories of red family traditions in history and at present. Through the above departments of colleges and universities publicity and education, so that students to achieve a comprehensive grasp of the traditional red family culture, that is, to know the historical process of the formation of red family culture, know the region of the influential proletarian revolutionary family motto, know the essence of red family culture and value, and so on, to achieve a general understanding of the formation process and rules of the Chinese characteristics of the red family culture. These cognitions will lay the foundation for college students to identify with the red family culture emotionally.

4. Cultivate Emotions and Cast Students’ Emotional Identification with the Spiritual Value of the Red Family Style Culture

Through education and publicity to achieve college students to the red family culture cognition, then how to further enhance the emotional identity and psychological needs of college students to the red family culture? It can be explored from the perspective of individual practice. It is to organize to carry out the practice investigation activity of red family tradition. On weekends, winter and summer vacations, colleges and universities can organize and lead students to visit the hometown of proletarian revolutionaries in Dazou1 for field research, and guide students to independently discover and appreciate the great charm of the red family style in personal growth and family development. The second is to guide the students to write their thoughts and feelings about the red family style after the practice research, so as to achieve the unity of rational knowledge and perceptual knowledge; the third is to design related theme activities (speech competition, debate competition, essay competition, class meeting, characteristic league life, etc.) of “sending family letters, making dreams” and “inheriting the red family style and cultivating the feelings of the country”, to further enhance the emotional identity and psychological needs of college students to the red family style culture. “Send home letters, make dreams”, that is, through the traditional paper, students and parents send home letters to each other, let them have emotional communication, form their family motto. The “family” themed class meeting mainly uses modern communication tools, such as telephone, QQ and WeChat platforms, to realize the emotional interaction between students and their parents. Through the above three kinds of individual practice activities, students’ cognition of the red family style is more profound, to achieve the unity of emotional identity and psychological needs. Use gules home wind to train interest and volition to offer spirit motive power for below.

5. Reform the Traditional Concept of Fuzzy Moral Judgment, Establish a Factual and Verifiable Moral Files

College students recognize the connotation of the red family tradition and feel the emotional power of the red family motto, but this does not mean that they will continue to practice. Because their immediate greatest needs are how to get good grades, obtain the recognition of teachers and students, enrich their college life, and so on, and moral cultivation and their own family teaching thinking seems to be the task of the future. How to lead them to change their mind, get their attention, and further develop sustained willpower and fun, is really a difficult problem. It needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

The three things that attract students are knowledge, diplomas, and experience and accolades. These three magic weapons are not only the goals that students desire in their hearts, but also the three important factors that colleges and universities can effectively restrain students. But we often have a vague idea of checking students’ moral performance before handing out diplomas and honoring them. There are no certain or appropriate criteria for moral performance. Vaguely defined “standards” and clearly defined standards have obviously different restraints on students. For example: a unit to recruit graduates need candidates to English 4, applicants to meet the application standards, will adhere to 3 hours a day to see English, adhere to about half a year after the smooth realization of the goal of English 4. To illustrate, as far as college students are concerned, the cultivation of moral personality should first be unified with their needs and goals in order to guide them to realize the improvement of their moral personality by using the spirit of red family traditions. For example: the selection of civilized college students, the need to evaluate the sense of responsibility of students, should verify his words and deeds, such as in their own QQ space to release inappropriate remarks on the society, to the family has entered the basic obligations, the usual daily consumption is consistent with the economic level of the family, and so on. Another example: to test whether a student is really diligent, we can use big data to calculate the number of library card borrowings and the time spent reading electronic publications, etc. Not just based on the feelings of teachers or classmates, etc. Namely: the reform of the traditional fuzzy moral judgment, to develop a scientific and effective moral standards or index, thus formed certain moral pressure to the student, under such pressure, students will consciously abide by the “rules of the game,” continues, moral standard in their heart became clear, slowly habit, habit becomes character, character changes the destiny. And one of the persistence has also gradually developed the willpower, edify the fun of cultivating one’s morality. Go down for a long time, natural perfect personality, realized the value of red home style moisten things silently.

6. Conclusion

The red family style has an important guiding value for the socialist core values education of college students in the new era. Colleges and universities can establish targeted work programs and mechanisms, and realize the transformation of the red family spirit in college students’ knowledge, feeling, meaning and faith through strengthening cognition, cultivating emotion and reforming traditional fuzzy moral judgment concepts. This paper, based on the actual situation of colleges and students, analyzes the inheritance of the red family tradition among college students through the path of psychology, which is the main innovation and contribution of the paper.

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1In the process of Chinese revolution, reform and construction, the people of Dazhou always actively participate in and devote themselves to the cause of the country, and a large number of typical proletarian revolutionaries have emerged in the baptism of blood and fire. The typical representatives of the proletarian revolutionaries from Dazhou include Zhang Aiping, Wang Weizhou, Chen Bojun, Xiang Shouzhi, Wei Traditional, Li Zhongquan, Wang Dinglie, Wan Chengzhang, Li Linsen and so on.

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[1] Xi, J.P. (2015) We Should Attach Importance to Family Construction No Matter How the Times Change.
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