Integrated Development and Preliminary Practice of Archives Culture Construction in Colleges and Universities in the New Era—Take Sichuan University of Arts and Science as an Example


Taking Sichuan University of Arts and Science as an example, this paper mainly from the perspective of attention resources, puts forward the problem of the integration and development of attention resources in the construction of archives culture, briefly classifies the archives resources, analyzes the main problems that should be paid attention to in the integration development of attention resources in the construction of Archives Culture in Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences, introduces the preliminary practice and achievements of the construction of archives culture in Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences, and probes into the new problems: The path of integration and development of Archives Culture Construction in Colleges and universities of the times.

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Yang, F. (2021) Integrated Development and Preliminary Practice of Archives Culture Construction in Colleges and Universities in the New Era—Take Sichuan University of Arts and Science as an Example. Open Access Library Journal, 8, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1107089.

1. Introduction

General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward “four self-confidence” in celebrating the 95th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, namely, China’s socialist road with self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence and cultural self-confidence. Among them, cultural confidence is confidence in the advanced nature of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics. Adhering to cultural self-confidence is to stimulate the party and the people’s historical pride in the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and form a general consensus and value recognition of the socialist core values in the whole society.

In recent years, through the vivid practice of the cultural construction of all kinds of archives at all levels, the cultural functions of archives recording, inheritance, senior administration and education have initially appeared. At present, socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era. Archives work is a part of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the construction of archives culture has entered a new period of development.

Under the above background, from the perspective of attention resources, the author discusses the innovative practice path of the integration development of University Archives Culture Construction in the new era.

2. On the Integration of Attention Resources in the Cultural Construction of Archives

Shortly after the nineteen major closing of the party, general secretary Xi Jinping visited the site of the Communist Party of China and the red boat of the South Lake. He said, “we are here to forget our hearts and uphold the truth. Our hearts and truths are contained in these archives.” How to express the original intention and truth of archives in the form of living culture, enter into people’s life, attract people’s attention, and infiltrate into people’s blood, is a new topic for the construction of Archives Culture in the new era.

According to the summary statistics of archives administration departments and archives in 2019, 7.164 million person times of users were received in the whole year, 828.57 million volumes (pieces) of archives, 22.038 million photo archives and 40.19 million volumes of various materials were collected in comprehensive archives at all levels, which increased by 10.39%, 7.19% and 3.50% respectively compared with the end of 2018, and 131.716 million volumes (pieces) of open archives were collected, which increased by 10.39%, 7.19% and 3.50% respectively compared with the end of 2018, 37%, providing 21.4 million volumes (pieces) of archives, an increase of 17.64% over the same period last year. At the same time, all kinds of archives are restricted by the team, funds, equipment, policies and even attention, and the influence and radiation of cultural construction are uneven. In a broad sense, the collection of archives, teams, policies and even attention belong to the archives resources. Especially in the new era, paying attention to the management attention, a new type of resources, makes the cultural construction of archives invest and occupy gradually increasing attention resources, which is the positive response of the archives to the prosperity of Archives Culture in the new era.

3. The Main Aspects That Should Be Paid Attention to in the Integration of Attention Resources in the Cultural Construction of Archives

3.1. Archives Resources and Classification

Archives resources refer to all kinds of basic guarantee conditions to ensure the development of archival cause and the development of archival work, as well as the sum of various functions and influencing factors produced by archival undertakings and archives work themselves on society. Archives resources can be divided into basic resources, security resources and attention resources according to their functions.

Basic resources are the unique resources of archives, including physical resources and electronic resources. They are the foundation of the cultural construction of archives. The basic resources are the material foundation, and the cultural construction is the superstructure. Only when the foundation is firm can the superstructure be built high and stable.

Guarantee resources, including team, funds, equipment and policies, are the resources to ensure the normal operation of the cultural construction of archives. The first is to ensure the quality and quantity of talents in the team and provide sufficient human and intellectual support. Otherwise, no matter how good an idea is, it will be difficult to realize it. The second is to ensure sufficient funds to promote the corresponding work. Finally, there should be policy support so that there are rules to follow. In a word, it is necessary to guarantee all-round resources.

Attention resources are new resources to enhance the influence and effectiveness of archives work, including the attention and external evaluation resources. Attention is the ability to direct and focus one’s own psychological activities, such as perception, memory, thinking and imagination, on a certain thing or process [1] . Attention is the focus of competition in the information age and belongs to scarce resources. In the new era, the cultural construction of archives must attach great importance to the construction of attention resources, so as to ensure the good results and good effects of the construction of archives culture.

3.2. The Main Aspects of Attention Resources Integration Development

The development of physical resources, electronic resources and attention resources is the need of the archives work to keep up with the social development situation, and is the mission and responsibility of archives work from secluded, unknown to the stage and active voice.

The integrated development of attention resources refers to the integration and development of archives thoughts and the investment of sufficient attention in cultural construction; the integration and development of archives team to strive for more and better external attention; the third is the integration and development of cultural achievements to achieve the integration of attention resources and achieve fruitful construction results.

The integration of attention resources is a new mode. In practice, it is necessary to enhance the awareness of minimally invasive surgery, cultivate the key majority, and implement the development plan of key projects.

Creative online publicity mode, giving full play to the advantages of offline real scene publicity. At the same time, this year, in order to further popularize the school history, this year, in order to further popularize the school history, the online “school history ・ to answer” project was created to present the knowledge of school history that teachers and students like to see by developing Wechat small program, and the trial operation response was good.

Give full play to the publicity and education function of the Museum of school history. Under the existing conditions of the exhibition hall, we should give full play to the positive role of the school history propaganda conference, and build a school history propaganda team from the scale and quality. After four years of construction, the number of members of the school history propaganda committee has exceeded 100. Through a series of brand activities, such as professional training, Chinese and English school history interpretation competition, the school history propaganda conference has gradually matured, and the propaganda members from secondary colleges have become the communication ambassadors for the popularization of school history. This year, we have done a good job in the reception of undergraduate teaching audit and evaluation experts to visit the museum, received the theme education tour steering group, the cadre training class of “governing Sichuan and prospering Sichuan”, the former ambassador of the Ministry of foreign affairs to Belarus, the Organization Department of the provincial Party Committee, the Propaganda Department of the provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of education, Beijing Normal University, Southwest University of science and technology, Dazhou Statistics Bureau, Tongchuan women’s Federation, overseas students and alumni Teachers, students and other guests came to visit the school history.

Enhance the awareness of minimally invasive surgery. The first mock exam is the integration of attention resources, which is a new model. At present, the overall innovation with high gold content in science and technology has yet to be accumulated. Archives can try to implement small-scale minimally invasive methods in view of the difficulties and pain points in cultural construction, change people’s rigid impression of traditional archives culture, win social reputation, and enhance self-confidence of archives culture.

Cultivate the key majority. The flow of people is the field of attention. The cultivation of archivists, part-time archivists and archivists is the key factor of the integration and development of attention resources. First, the archivists’ team construction should follow the concept of “1 + 99”, 1 is the correct decision-making, 99 is a group cooperation, long-term meritorious professional team, thinking and business is the main force of cultural construction. Second, the extension of the team should be based on the principle of diversification, and full development of part-time commentators, archivists and other personnel who are willing or have potential willingness to become the backbone of the cultural construction team. Third, the cultivation of archives related people adopts the way from near to far. Archives users and community residents are the first group of affinity groups that we can use high-quality service to win attention, and gradually radiate and develop into supporters and supporters of archives cultural construction.

Implement the development plan of key projects. According to the current basic resources, in order to improve the quality of cultural construction, such as consolidating the foundation, creating characteristics, forming brands, etc., we should scientifically set short-term and long-term goals with a development cycle of 3-5 years, and integrate construction funds, teams and cultural achievements in the way of key project operation, so as to make the cultural construction of archives not only lively on the scene, but also stable and vigorous development.

4. The Initial Practice of the Integration of Attention Resources in the Cultural Construction of the Archives of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences in the New Era

The comprehensive archives office was established in 1984. In 2006, it was upgraded to an undergraduate college and set up as the archives, which is subordinate to the school office. With the development of school archives, in July 2016, the archives were separated from the office and set up as a department level unit. Before the establishment of the Department, it mainly standardized the management and utilization of physical resources, and independently completed the file level and file level directory entry and student status card scanning. Compiling the special catalogue of the collection archives is another important work to lay a good foundation for the construction of archives culture. From the perspective of service, focusing on the central work of the college and the hot issues concerned by the teachers and students of the college, combined with the collection, the college archives has compiled several thematic catalogues, such as the compilation of college papers, the compilation of cadre appointment and removal documents, the compilation of students’ reward and punishment documents, organizational history, and land acquisition, which improves the efficiency of archives service [2] .

Under the environment of connotation development, transformation development, innovation development and characteristic development of the school, the archives, in the way of managing archives according to law and collecting all the archives resources, has initially practiced the new mode of attention resources integration and development.

First, do a good job in early communication. According to the archives management measures of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences, communicate with the filing department in advance, determine the file transfer time in combination with the actual work of the Department within the specified time, and reserve a relatively loose time for the filing department to ensure the smooth filing of archives.

Second, strengthen on-site business guidance. In view of the great change of part-time archivists caused by the post adjustment of the school, we should further strengthen the on-site business guidance, clarify the standards, grasp the progress, strengthen the inspection, and standardize and efficiently complete the file transfer work.

Third, according to the requirements of the comprehensive archives digital outsourcing service contract, the safety of paper files and digital achievements should be put in the first place. On the basis of carrying out civil air defense and technical defense in detail, we should adhere to the working standards, strictly manage the site, improve the archives in and out of storage process, adhere to the record of archives digital outsourcing management log, and assign special personnel to carry out the sampling work of scanning image quality to ensure the archives The digital results meet the relevant national standards. About 560,000 pages of archives have been digitized and linked to the archives management system. 70% of the archives will be inquired and printed through the management system after 2007.

Fourth, standardize and promote the work of newly added oral archives. First of all, we should strengthen the study and research, focus on the archives industry standard “oral historical data collection and management standards”, investigate the development of Oral Archives in Colleges and universities in the province, discuss the outline of interviews, and make preparations for the preliminary thinking and business of oral archives. Secondly, we should make clear the objectives of the interview, communicate well with the outline of the interview with the speaker, repeatedly consider the outline of the interview, collect oral files, objectively show the school running history, especially the early school running history, and highlight the school running spirit through major events and major work. Finally, do a good job of on-the-spot interviews, interviewers, recorders, audio and video recording in their respective positions, using a variety of collection methods to collect oral files. In the first half of the year, under the condition of orderly development of other business work of the archives, the first batch of interviews was conducted with 7 senior leaders, professors and comrades over 70 years old in the first half of the year. The audio duration of oral archives was 13 hours and 19 minutes, and the video was 429.1 gb. The dictator donated 369 photos and 8 handwritten teaching plans, including 146 wooden benches, certificates (pieces) and other physical objects left by the western teachers’ support in the early stage of running the school.

5. The Initial Effect of the Integration of Attention Resources in the Cultural Construction of the Archives of Sichuan University of Arts and Sciences in the New Era

5.1. Using Minimally Invasive Consciousness to Obtain Utility Model Patent

After the establishment of the system, the archives focus on the implementation of the ability improvement plan, actively serve the central work of the school, and enhance the consciousness and self-confidence of the archivists to carry out cultural construction. In the work, we not only carry on the standardized management mode of archives, but also adhere to the problem orientation to solve the problem of physical archives management. With the awareness of minimally invasive, starting from the thinking mode of providing reference for the protection of Physical Archives, we have developed a unique way to design the exquisite and practical physical archives bag, which can provide the fittings that can adjust the amount of space for different materials, and solve the traditional archives on the market The size of the bag is usually fixed, which cannot meet the problem of Physical Archives with different packaging forms and sizes, so as to promote the standardized management of Physical Archives.

On October 30, 2018, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a notice to grant utility model patent on the patent application of physical portfolio submitted by the archives of our university. China archives news, China archives information network, Sichuan archives, Sichuan Education and other media have successively reported the utility model patents of school physical file bags.

5.2. Pay Attention to the Construction of Three Teams

The first is to strengthen the construction of full-time Archivists’ centripetal force, mainly by means of centralized discussion and heart to heart talk, plan work, solve doubts and doubts, and solidify the process, so as to enhance the work initiative, reduce the uncertainty of business handling, and improve the execution of decision-making. The second is to strengthen the team of student propagandists. After the establishment of the Department, the archives directly took the lead in setting up a student’s school history propaganda conference to train the school history exhibition hall’s interpretation elites and the school history cultural activity backbone. From the establishment of more than 20 members to a large team of more than 100 people from various colleges, the archives has successfully held two school wide Chinese and English school history interpretation competition. Third, the attention of users of linked archives and Dazhou citizens. Archives provide two kinds of utilization channels for users of archives with different needs, namely, access to the library and email reply, so as to increase users’ satisfaction experience and attention response. We should change the publicity mode of the conventional photo exhibition, change static publicity into dynamic and static publicity, change single campus publicity into combination of inside and outside school, take school bus body as the main carrier of mobile publicity photo exhibition, and attract Dazhou citizens’ attention with mobile school bus archives cultural publicity.

5.3. Set up a Project for Characteristic Cultural Resources

After the establishment of the Department, in order to strive for fund preference, the archives, focusing on the key work of big data construction and campus culture construction, adopted a project-based operation mode, set goals, detailed measures and quasi budget, which attracted the attention of the school, and won the fund budget of two items, namely, digitalization of school archives and oral archives. In 2017, the school started the work of archives digitization and continuously strengthened the construction of archives cultural basic resources. In 2019, in order to enrich the school’s archives collection and promote the construction of archives culture, the school started oral archives work. Through the oral narration of major events, key work and behind stories in the school running process, we can further understand the details of the archives, make up for the missing contents of some archives, and provide more vivid materials for the construction of archives culture.

6. Summary

The construction of University Archives Culture in the new era will be the core level of university archives work [3] . On the one hand, archives should pay enough attention to cultural construction; on the other hand, it should attract the attention of all walks of life through various new media platforms; in addition, it should integrate and promote each other through minimally invasive consciousness and creating characteristic projects, so as to realize the prosperity and development of university archives culture.

Conflicts of Interest

The author declares no conflicts of interest regarding the publication of this paper.


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