The Sunspot Cycle Leads to Origin and Epidemic Mechanism of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19


Listed examples of virus transmission epidemics that can be strongly transmitted through the air caused by sunspot change cycle, analyzed the mechanism that promotes the generation of new viruses. From the schematic diagram of the changes in the combined force of the hydrodynamic effect of the sun sweeping the earth and the sweeping force, we obtain the places that are prone to light vortices are 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude on the east coast of the mainland creatively. The curved continental lines are perfect, the range of the light vortex generated is more obviously, and the effect is stronger. And the curved continental lines are perfect, the range of the light vortex generated is more obviously, and the effect is stronger. It is inferred that the light vortex produces the special amplified energy so that can make the virus mutate to produce a new highly infectious novel coronavirus. The earliest known place and time of the novel coronavirus origin are consistent with the reasoning of the new theory. Because the radius and frequency of the light vortex are different, the resulting virus strains are also different. Moreover, the fatality rate in the light vortex area is much higher than that in the non-light vortex area, indicating that the viruss toxicity and lethality are higher in the light vortex area, so it can explain why Russia, India, and countries in the African equatorial region mortality are much lower than the United States, Italy, Spain and Brazil. Finally, preventive and recommended measures are proposed.

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Wu, J. (2020) The Sunspot Cycle Leads to Origin and Epidemic Mechanism of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. Natural Science, 12, 670-680. doi: 10.4236/ns.2020.1210058.


There are many mysteries in the world at 30 degrees north latitude, such as the Bermuda Triangle, the earthquake-prone belt, etc. I have published a paper entitled “The magical mystery of 30 degrees north latitude caused by the sweeping force and hydrodynamic effects of sunlight sweeping the earth” using the light vortex theory to analyze the mystery of 30 degrees north latitude very well. The World Health Organization has judged that the novel coronavirus comes from nature, but there is still no good theoretical analysis how it comes from nature now.

This paper innovatively regards the sun light sweeping the earth as a layer of light covering the surface of the earth flowing at high speed. Its effect is the same as rotating a globe that is as uneven as the surface of the earth at high speed under water. It will produce hydrodynamic effects and water current impact. The force effect, as well as the blocking effect of the convex coastline arc face to the water flow, by calculating the resultant force of the fluid mechanics effect and the water impact effect, force direction make a big turn at 30 degrees latitude at the east continental coast.

Therefore, there is light vortex area location at 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude sea area that face surround with an obvious arc of eastern continental coastline. The light vortex has higher energy, which can amplify the field effect (aura) change of the sunspot extreme period and cause the surrounding virus mutates according to the characteristics of the field effect (aura) to produce a highly infectious virus in the air. Now, the origin area of the novel coronavirus is consistent with the above theoretical deduction, and the virus’s toxicity and lethality are also higher due to the light vortex area where it is located. In order to verify the correctness of the innovation theory, a new theory is proposed in this article.


The influenza pandemics that occurred in the 20th century were basically about 11 years apart, which basically coincided with the 11-year average activity cycle of sunspots. The real world pandemics of influenza virus were 1918, 1957, and 1968. These three world pandemics all occurred in the peak year of sunspots or one year after the sunspot, and the outbreak in 1918 the Spanish flu first broke out in the United States and was also at the peak of the sunspot period. It lasted for three waves and killed 50 million people [1]. The SARS virus was discovered in 2002 (the first peak of sunspots in 2000). The peak of the epidemic was the second peak of sunspots in 2003, so the duration was very short. In April 2004, a suspected SARS case was found in Beijing again, and several cases occurred. Therefore, the judgment that lasts for 2-3 years is more accurate, and the second high tide did not form because the sun peak has disappeared. In 2009, the year of the Sunspot lowest period, influenza A occurred. The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was found at the first peak of sunspots in 2012, and the epidemic peak was at the second peak of sunspots in 2014, which is different from SARS and has a longer duration. The 2019 novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV flu occurred in the lowest year of the sunspot. Italy, the United States, France, and Chinese Wuhan all began to have novel coronavirus pneumonia cases as early as November 2019, Spain and Brazil reported that they test out 2019-nCoV in wast water sample of November 2019, and the sun began the sunspot-free period on November 14th, 2019. The sunspot-free period lasted until December 23th, 2019. The 40-day sunspot-free period was the longest in more than 20 years. The weather was abnormal, the rainfall was very little, and many places had no rainfall for a long time. The 40-day “no sunspot” period completely coincides with the epidemic of COVID-19 that began in November 2019 [2].

During the ultra-long lowest period of sunspots, solar activity weakens and the radiated ultraviolet light also weakens, which is conducive to the breeding and reproduction of microorganisms and viruses, and it is conducive to the direct arrival of cosmic rays to the earth to make the mutation of viruses. The extremely long sunspot peak period is conducive to virus mutation. In addition, the sunspot extreme value also affects the immune system of animals and humans, reducing the ability to resist viruses [1].


3.1. The Sunspot Activity Cycle Promotes the Mutation of New Viruses

Sunspots are a huge vortex of hot gas on the surface of the sun. When active, they will affect the earth’s magnetic field. As the number of sunspots decreases, the amount of magnetic aura disturbance on the sun’s surface and the amount of magnetic clouds in the solar magnetosphere also decrease. Cosmic rays from outer space can drive straight into the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and neutral atmosphere of our planet [3]. The mutation and evolution of viruses are related to the formation of light vortex field effect (aura) by sunlight and cosmic rays. Most of the pathogens of newly discovered viral infectious diseases are RNA viruses with high mutation rate. For the virus genome, base point mutations, genes recombination and gene rearrangement are considered to be the three basic mutation mechanisms that lead to the emergence of new viral infectious diseases [2]. Viruses are the smallest and simplest type of non-cellular microorganisms, which can only rely on parasitism in animals to maintain life. The genome of a virus is not static during its propagation. Because a virus particle has to multiply millions of times in a single infection, there is a chance of mutation. The natural mutation of the virus is very slow, but this mutation process can be accelerated by the stimulation of strong external factors. Many chemical and physical factors can be used to induce mutations, so viruses are most susceptible to external light, field, radiation and other factors to mutate into new infectious viruses. Solar radiation and cosmic rays are a physical nature of base point mutations mutagenic factors [4].

The use of ultraviolet and X-ray radiation in the laboratory to achieve multiple infections and resurrection of influenza virus and cross-infection and resurrection, but also preliminarily proved that the occurrence of new virulent infectious diseases may be related to sunspots and cosmic rays [5]. The energy and field effect (aura) of special wavelength have the energy needed to open certain chemical bonds of virus molecules, and change the antigenicity of influenza virus (mainly refer to hemagglutinin and neuraminidase) to produce a more infectious influenza virus. The continuous global mutation caused by influenza A virus is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change. Quantitative changes are called primordial drifting, and only new variants are formed, causing smaller epidemics. Qualitative changes are called antigenic transformations, forming new subtypes, which then cause larger-scale epidemics, and even outbreaks of global pandemics [6].

3.2. The Mechanism and Epidemic Analysis of the New Type of Coronavirus Caused by the Sunspot Activity Cycle

The sunspot activity cycle is only directly related to the prevalence of influenza and other respiratory infectious viruses, indicating that respiratory infectious viruses have different structural features from other types of non-respiratory infectious viruses. AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other viruses can only be transmitted through blood, direct contact, etc., which are stable and have no seasonality. However, respiratory infectious viruses such as influenza can be transmitted through the air and have seasonal outbreaks, indicating that they have unique active transmission and are more obviously affected by the natural environment. Therefore, these viruses that are actively living and spreading outside the body has suitable for survive outside human body genes, these genes are the products of nature that are subject to the influence of external environmental magnetic fields, light, and radiation to adapt to the external environment to survive, and can quickly attach to the parasite host. Moreover, it is seasonal and will disappear or weaken naturally, and then break out at an other suitable time. Natural disappearance or weakening means that the field effect (aura) generated by the sunspot activity cycle no longer has the active sexual transmission characteristics of survival outside the body, so it is difficult to spread on a large scale, and people who have been infected are either cured or died, so slowly the virus it will disappear naturally. Or the next season will mutate into a similar virus and come back again under the excitation of the right time and the right field. Therefore, viruses that infect people can be divided into long-term viruses and periodic viruses according to their transmission characteristics and existence period. The novel coronavirus is a cyclical virus. If you understand this truth, you can analyze the epidemic situation and forecast trends in various countries according to the characteristics of the new type of coronavirus’s origin, epidemic distribution, and toxicity.

Modern molecular biology studies have shown that changes in influenza virus antigenicity (mainly referring to hemagglutinin and neuraminidase) are caused by changes in viral nucleotides, and the physical effect that ultimately disrupts the sequence of a nucleotides is a change in energy In nature, the direct energy factors that can affect the atomic level of molecules are various types of rays and electromagnetic effects. Electromagnetic field affects genetic gene DNA, that is, high-energy bonds are stable and low-energy bonds are variation. Different intensities electromagnetic fields correspond to different molecular and biological molecular structure levels [6]. Electromagnetic fields of different strengths are different. The molecular biomolecule structure level corresponds to the biological effects of strong magnetic field effect (aura), the type of magnetic field effect (aura) effect is substantially delayed, the metabolism and other physical effects can affect gene mutation from different aspects. Obviously, the influence of electromagnetic aura effects on the most primitive biological viruses also exists [5]. When a solar flare erupts in nature, changes in the emission of strong ultraviolet radiation, changes in the intensity of solar roentgen rays, and changes in the earth’s electromagnetic ionosphere and temperature and climate environment caused by these solar activities may all become direct influences on variation or indirect factors. Many factors in the solar activity mentioned above occur synchronously with the changes of sunspots. The characteristics of the light vortex formed by the peaks or lowest of the sunspots on the surface of the earth are different, which directly lead to the evolutionary mutation of the virus to produce new infectiousness strong viruses, these viruses can spread if they are touched by people.

One sun can hold 1.3 million earths. The sun plays a central role in the birth of life on the earth. As long as the sun changes slightly, it will have a huge impact on life on the earth. Photons are very common particles around humans. Matter can emit photons under any conditions. The birth of life, the survival of mankind and the impact of the universe on mankind are all done by photon information. Looking at the earth from space, one side of the earth is dark, and the other side like cover a layer of light, and this layer of light rotates against the surface of the earth. When the sun’s rays pass through the atmosphere around the earth, the light waves encounter atmospheric molecules or meet aerosol particles are waiting, they will interact with them and re-emit light with the same frequency as the incident light but weaker intensity (called wavelet) in all directions. This phenomenon is called light scattering, so although the earth is affected by the sun The light energy and light pressure on the illuminated side vary from place to place, but it can be roughly regarded as a basically the same layer of light covering the surface of the earth, and this layer of light moves quickly around the earth from east to west. This layer of light is a substance with high energy, which produces light pressure on the surface of the earth, and the moving photons also have mass. In this way, the regular and permanent high-speed rotation of the earth will generate a certain stable potential energy and lasting stability. The potential energy of will definitely have a certain effect on the space and matter on the earth’s surface [7]. It is like putting a globe that is as uneven as the surface of the earth and rotating at high speed in the water. Water vortices will be generated in certain positions of the globe. The water vortices are due to the hydrodynamic effect and the impact effect of water flow, and the uneven parts of the earth’s surface block the water flow. As a result of the guiding effect, the water vortex generated in some parts will be very obvious. In the same way, the high-speed sunlight sweeping the surface of the earth will also produce strong light vortex effects in some parts of the earth. These cosmic rays will reach the places where the strong light vortex effect is generated in the case of the earth during the sunspot lowest period. It is easy to cause the virus to mutate and give birth to a unique new type of coronavirus that is highly contagious in the air. Moreover, where the light vortex effect is strong, the virus’s contagion and toxicity are stronger, and the lethality rate is higher.

In my another article “The magical mystery of 30 degrees north latitude caused by the sweeping force and hydrodynamic effects of sunlight sweeping the earth” [7], The formula for calculating the hydrodynamic effect of light sweeping on the earth’s surface at high speed is derived as: F = 8/arc tan(cotY) × 2023 × COS2Y/4032, unit: N, The function change curve is shown in Figure 1. The formula for calculating the sweeping force effect of high-speed sweeping of light on the surface of the earth is derived as: F = COS2Y/4032 × 1349, unit: N, The function change curve is shown in Figure 2. So the combined force of the two forces makes a big turn at 30 degrees. It is drawn that the resultant force of these two variables makes a big turn at 30 degrees north latitude or 30 degrees south latitude [7].

According to the analysis of the calculation formula, the direction diagram of the combined force of the hydrodynamic effect and the sweeping force at each latitude can be roughly drawn as shown in Figure 3: From Figure 3, it can be seen that the closer to the North Pole, the more the direction tends to be from

Figure 1. The change curve of hydromechanics effect F with latitude Y.

Figure 2. The change curve of sweeping force effect F with latitude Y.

Figure 3. Schematic diagram of the changes in the combined force of the hydrodynamic effect of sunlight sweeping the earth and the sweeping intensity and the places where light vortices are prone to occur.

north to south, and the closer the direction of the equator tends to be from east to west, and from east to west on the equator, and the direction of the arrow makes a big turn at 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude [7]. In addition, according to the change of the resultant force, the continental coastline faces the resultant force to cater to the perfect degree of the arc-shaped outflank. The black circle marks the place where the light vortex will be generated and the intensity of the light vortex will be higher. The more circles, the darker the light vortex is, the light vortex is the more obvious. This is consistent with the initial distribution map of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The light flowing on the surface of the earth is located at 30 degrees north latitude, where the force of the hydrodynamic effect and the force of the sun sweeping the earth effect make a big turn, and the hydrodynamic effect force above 30 degrees north latitude is biased to the north-south direction and at 30 degrees north latitude is biased the sweeping forces from the east and west directions converge here to form a light vortex with converging forces, and underneath the light vortex is a vast unobstructed ocean, which can make the vortex form more perfect, and face the direction of the vortex is a large arc. blocked continents, so this vortex will form and rotate more violently. But this vortex does not exist all the time. It is necessary to wait for the potential energy to accumulate to a certain extent, and the wider the ocean area, the larger the front (west) of the continent and the more perfect the curvature of the continent, then the light vortex will cause plane crashes, ship missing. Look at the world map. The most suitable place is the Bermuda Triangle, followed is the Mediterranean, Sea of East Brazil, Japanese dragon triangle sea surface is large sea zone, but the arc of the mainland coast is not obvious. The waves of the Bermuda Triangle’s ocean and atmosphere are different from those of other oceanic regions, the arc of the continental coast is perfect. When there is a long period of solar activity, such as flares and sunspots, this zone sometimes changes and the third wave band appears. When the sun is stable, this wave zone will naturally disappear. In 2012, NASA launched two measurement satellites. Through their measurements, the data obtained show that the particles in the Bermuda Triangle can instantly accelerate from 0 to close to the speed of light, in addition to emitting ultra-low-speed electromagnetic waves [7].

Therefore, Florida in the United States is the most prone place for flu viruses to mutate. The Spanish flu of 1918 also originated in the United States. In 2019, the flu virus infected more than 20 million people in the United States, and many of them were infected with the new coronavirus. It’s just that there was no necessary detection method to detect it. The Mediterranean area is also at 30 degrees north latitude, the ocean area is relatively open, and the front (west) blocking continent outflanks the arc more perfect. Therefore, it is also a place that is prone to light vortices.

Look at Figure 4, the distribution map of the novel coronavirus in Europe on February 26, 2020. Italy, Spain, Iran, and Turkey were the first places to report serious epidemics in turn. They are all located in the large area of the yellow circle light vortex and the black circle in the small area of the light vortex. Coronavirus infection case also appeared in Italy and France in November 2019. Spain report that they test out novel coronavirus in wastewater samples of November 2019.

Then it was reported that Spain, Saudi Arabia, North Africa’s Egypt, Algeria, Morocco and other countries are located in the Mediterranean light vortex area, and South Africa is located at 30 degrees south latitude. There are continents that block to format the light vortex, but the arc-shaped surrounding coastline is not obvious, so it is also the first country in Africa to have more cases, but the epidemic situation is much lower than that of the United States, Italy, Spain, Iran, Turkey, that which have obvious arc-shaped continents. There is the Caspian Sea to the north of Iran, and the land is also located at 30 degrees north latitude. To the south of Turkey is the Mediterranean Sea, which is just in the Mediterranean light vortex belt at 30 degrees north latitude. See the yellow circle and the black circle in the south of Turkey. Italy is located at the center of the Mediterranean light vortex, and its southern arc of land is perfect, so it is one of the earliest birthplaces of the novel coronavirus. The area affected by the arc of the continental coastline at 30 degrees north latitude is from 30 degrees north latitude as the bottom of the light vortex, and the area of the light vortex circle is drawn according to the area of the sea surface, so the continent with a large influence is near and north of 30 degrees north latitude mainland. Therefore, the light vortex map drawn in the Bermuda region of the United States shows that it affects most of the eastern coast, from Florida in the south to New York in the north. This is also consistent with the initial epidemic distribution map in the United States (March, 22th, 2020). See Figure 5. Florida state is the first serious outbreak in the United States.

Different countries in the world have different policies, different economies, different medical conditions, and different time of the infection outbreak. The earliest outbreak countries are in the early stage of sunspotlessness, the mortality rate is higher, and the number of infected people is different, so the mortality rate is not comparable. However, in the United States, same national policies same conditions, so the mortality rate between each state is comparable.

Figure 4. Distribution map of the novel coronavirus on February 26, 2020.

Figure 5. Distribution map of the novel coronavirus in the United States on 22th, March, 2020.

According to the statistics on September 23th, 2020, dividing the cumulative total number of deaths by the cumulative total number of infected people, the death rate in the United States is 2.89%. However, the death rate in each state in the United States is different. The states with more than 4% death rate are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and New Hampshire State. The above states all are located on the east coast or on the edge of the Big Lakes where light vortices are prone to occur. Michigan at the big lake surround place.

The lowest mortality rate is Alaska, which is only 0.6%. It is located near the Arctic Circle across the sea near to Russia.

The most severely novel coronavirus infection states in Brazil are also located in the arc-shaped east coast, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro state has the most obvious arc outflank continental coastlines, near 30 degrees south latitude, so it is easy to make light vortex, so the two states has the highest infection rate and death rate.

Chinese Wuhan is an inland city that does not face the sea and does not have a coastline that surrounds the arc of the ocean. Why is Wuhan also one of the first serious areas to report the emergence of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic? Because Wuhan is just located at 30 degrees north latitude, Wuhan has the reputation of “Lake City”, there are 166 large and small lakes. At normal water level, the lake area is 942.8 square kilometers, and the lake surface rate is 11.11%. Adding rivers, Wuhan has a water area of 1370 square kilometers, accounting for the entire city. 16.76% of the total area, so the lakeside land line of these lakes has the effect of an arc-shaped land line at 30 degrees north latitude. The reflection of sunlight on the lake surface will strengthen the energy forming the light vortex, and the prominent land line on the lakeside the arc-shaped outflank will increase the strength of the light vortex. However, since the area of this lake in Wuhan is much smaller than that of the arc-shaped Bermuda Triangle in Florida of USA, so the diameter of this light vortex is also much smaller, so the influence area is only Wuhan City, so the speed of the light vortex is Faster, the aura that causes the virus to mutate is more violent, and Wuhan is densely populated, and the virus is more easy to reach the host through the air. Therefore, the extent of the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan is far greater than that in the Bermuda Triangle of the United States, and the light vortex in the European Mediterranean region is generated too. The sporadic cases of COVID-19 are much more serious. It seems to be the first case of new coronary pneumonia in Wuhan. In fact, Wuhan, the United States, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil all have the first case of COVID-19 pneumonia in November 2019. The United States, Italy, and France have reported that patients with cured new coronary pneumonia had the disease in November 2019. Spain and Brazil have reported that the detection of sewage wastewater samples found that the wastewater samples of November 2019 have detected the new coronavirus. This is same with the sunspot-free starting month. And the cosmic rays in the sunspot-free state are more likely to reach the surface of the earth. The sunlight flows on the surface of the earth at a high speed. The three regions where 30 degrees north latitude are most likely to produce light vortices have a strong unique aura environment at the same time. The mutation and evolution of the virus resulted in a highly infectious novel coronavirus that can be transmitted through the air. However, due to the different light vortex radius and frequency, the resulting strains are also different. This has been verified by the gene sequence of the strain. Due to the large radius of the light vortex in the United States, Italy, France, Spain and other countries, the new crown virus triggered is not necessarily in densely populated cities, but scattered in large rural areas. Therefore, the chance of infection and transmission by people is small. Sporadic infections, and people don’t know anything about the virus and cannot detect it. Wuhan is a densely populated city with a population of tens of millions. Therefore, new coronaviruses in nature are more likely to be exposed to humans. The epidemic is fast, so it seems that a strong epidemic broke out in Wuhan first.

So, at 30 degrees north latitude, other places with lakes will also produce coronavirus? First of all, the area of the lake must be large enough, exactly at 30 degrees north latitude, and basically meet the requirements. There is also Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, at 28˚22' to 29˚45'. In Poyang Lake in more than half a century, more than 100 ships have disappeared strangely here. This devil’s waters is called “China’s Bermuda”. However, compared with the Bermuda Triangle, the lake area is much smaller, so the light vortex effect in other parts of the lake is not obvious. However, the northwest of the waters area near Laoye Temple is Mount Lushan. Mount Lushan is more than 1400 meters above sea level. Its direction is parallel to the lake mouth waterway in the north of Laoye Temple and away from Poyang. The average distance of the lake is only five kilometers. The Lushan mountain range is much higher than the arc-shaped continent on the west side of the Bermuda Sea. Therefore, under the strong sunlight shine day and the reflection of the lake, the light intensity will increase a lot. There are many protrusions on the northwest of Lushang Mountain, so it will produce a light vortex effect on sunny days. Moreover, in March and April every spring, when the sun turns from the Tropic of Capricorn to the equator, The moving sweeping force in the north, and the angle of the sweeping force at this time is also close to the ground at 30 degrees north latitude, and the towering Mount Lushan in the northwest is just blocking it, so the light vortex effect is strongest at this time. The shipwreck of Laoye Temple usually occurs in March and April every spring. Ships in the past often face the danger of being swallowed by huge waves, and the ships disappeared out of air without any traces. All the accident occurs on sun shine day. And cloudy, rainy days or night never has a shipwreck. So I can confirm it is cause by light vortex.

More than a thousands large and small ships that have sunk here for thousands of years are like “evaporating from the world.” Therefore, the light vortex in the Poyang Lake area can also cause the virus to evolve and mutate into novel coronavirus, but that area is a sparsely populated rural area, and the probability of the virus spreading to people in the air will be greatly reduced. It is not easy for people infected to maintain a distance of 2 meters.

You can do another more intuitive physical experiment. Make a globe with the same uneven surface as the surface of the earth. Of course, the surface of the ocean is the smooth lowest spherical surface. Put it under the water to rotate and revolve to see where the surface of the globe is easy to produce water vortex, the result is that the sea surface of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean Sea at 30 degrees north latitude and brazil sea area can produce obvious water vortices, because the combined force of the hydrodynamic effect of the liquid on the earth at different latitudes and the impact force of the current is sudden at 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude make a turn, and if the front is a convex continental arc outflank, it is easy to form an obvious water vortex. Therefore, the United States, the European Mediterranean continent, brazil sea is the most vulnerable place to flu. Moreover, the toxicity of the virus and the fatality rate will be even higher in this field that produce a light vortex stimulates its evolutionary mutation. This can explain the backward countries in Africa located in the equatorial region, India and Russia Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia fatality rate is far lower than the United States, Italy, Brazil, Spain. The United States has the most advanced medical level and the best economic level, but the novel coronavirus infection rate and fatality rate are so high. Canada is not in the region of the light vortex, so the situation is much better than the United States.

Brazil is located at 30 degrees south latitude, and the curved outlining of the continental coastline that blocks the sun’s rays is relatively perfect, so there are many infected people and the fatality rate is also high. Australia is also located at 30 degrees south latitude, and the earliest COVID-19 cases was reported in the east coast continental area where the continental blocked sun light sweep, but the arc-shaped outflank lines are not perfect, so the epidemic is not serious.

Looking at the global distribution of confirmed cases of MERS-CoV Middle East respiratory syndrome infection from 2012 to 2015, it is basically all concentrated in countries at 30 degrees north latitude too.

When the sunspot cycle gradually change and field effect of light vortex changes, will the novel coronavirus disappear by itself? Not sure, because Russia, Indian and other countries on the equator still have a lot of cases gradually, but the mortality rate is much lower, which means that once this virus is produced, it is an independent living body. It must be caused by external field effect, rays and other external conditions. Change and disappear automatically depends on its different genetic characteristics. For example, SARS disappears automatically because of high temperature. The outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome began in early September 2012 and disappeared in June of the next year. It is difficult for the virus to survive in the air and on the surface of objects after it leaves the human body, so there is no large-scale outbreak. The total number of infected people in the world is only 1139 cases did not disappear until the second year because the infected people were not completely isolated and controlled. However, the current novel coronavirus is not afraid of high temperatures, much like the Spanish flu virus that broke out in 1918 and the scale of its epidemic. The Spanish flu virus is divided into three waves, and the hottest July also mutates, producing strains with a higher virulent lethality rate. If no effective vaccine for use, three waves of the novel coronavirus are likely to be occurred, lasting two years. It is possible to observe the changing laws of current sunspots and draw more scientific predictions.

3.3. The Mechanism of Light Vortex Causing Virus Mutation

The light vortex makes the surrounding environment exist in the water and the viruses on the ground mutate to produce new influenza viruses that are highly contagious in the air. This extremely active infectiousness is also determined by the extremely active field effect (aura) of the light vortex. What kind of life is created by what kinds of field effect (aura). The reason for the global influenza pandemic in 1918 is that a section of the swine flu virus “jumped” into the RNA of the human influenza virus.

Then why the light vortex can stimulate virus gene mutation faster? The light vortex has a higher energy and a stronger field effect (aura) than the non-light vortex area, which can amplify the field energy of the sunspot peak or lowest field effect (aura) value. So it can produce strongly contagious virus. The light vortex is not generated at any time. It is calculated and deduced that the combined force of the sweeping force of sunlight and the hydrodynamic effect is little. According to the momentum formula FT = MV, although the force is little, but the action time is long, the momentum will become great. Momentum is getting power and power, the light vortex effect will occur when accumulated to a certain extent. Moreover, not any light vortex can cause the virus to mutate and evolve into a virus that can be extremely contagious in the air. Only when the sunspot peak or lowest period is unusual, sunlight can be excited by the light vortex amplification effect unusual virus.

For example, Jiang Kanzheng’s biological field effect (aura) guide cabinet is a device that can reflect and focus the biological electromagnetic field effect (aura), so that the strength of the biological electromagnetic field effect (aura) can affect other organisms. Put the eggs that can be hatched in the incubator. In a box near the outside of the incubator, use a focuser to connect the incubator and the box containing the ducks. Ducks and hatching eggs are placed in different places, and there is no contact with each other due to the space separation. After 21 days, the hatched chicks had duck eyes, duck beaks, and duck-like toes. If there is no amplification device, the duck will not affect the hatching chicks to mutate even if the ducks are sitting at the egg side all the time [8]. So the light vortex is equivalent as a device that can amplifies the field effect, which can affect the virus mutation. The field effect in the non-light vortex area is relatively lower and not enough to make the virus mutate.


For Bermuda in the United States or the Mediterranean light vortex area, it is difficult to intervene due to the vast sea surface area. But for a small place like Chinese Wuhan city, when the peak or lowest sunspot cycle is observed, smoke or artificial rainfall can be applied over Wuhan Lake, prevent the formation of light vortex, observe the sunspot activity cycle and establish cosmic-ray monitoring stations in space, scientific statistical analysis, early warning of new toxic infectious diseases that may appear in the future, and make corresponding preparations and preventive measures. For those patients infected with the novel coronavirus in the light vortex area, they can be transferred to the non-light vortex area for treatment, so it can reduce the death rate. For example, patients on the eastern coast of the United States can be transferred to the northwestern of United States for treatment, such as transfer to Alaska state to treat, so the mortality rate can be lower. For example, the death rate of novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan, China is very high, and patients transport from Wuhan to the whole country, but the death rate of novel coronavirus infection in other non-light vortex areas in China is much lower than that in Wuhan. And using Chinese herb medicine to cure death rate is much lower than using western medicine, because Chinese herb medicine pays attention to field effect (aura). Drinking Chinese herb medicine makes the field effect (aura) not suitable for the novel coronavirus reproduction.

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