[5] Electronic Transmission of Antibacterial Property Into Water at Extremely Low Frequency Range: A Preliminary Study 2018 [6] Rate limiting factors for DNA transduction induced by weak electromagnetic field 2018 [7] A Possible Angular Quantization as a Complement to the Conventional Radial Quantization in the Hydrogen Atom and Aqueous Systems 2017 [8] Electronic transmission of ethynyl-oestradiol in menopausal women 2017 [9] The informational magnecule: the role of aqueous coherence and information in biological dynamics and morphology. 2017 [10] Electromagnetic information transfer through aqueous system Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 2017 [11] The Enigma that is Light. 2016 [12] ¿ Diez razones para" no creer" en la homeopatía? Análisis crítico 2016 [13] An Open Letter Regarding Cancer 2016
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