[1] Het topje van de ijsberg
[2] Standardisering av avtal inom offentliga godstransportupphandlingar vid kommunalt samordnad varudistribution
[3] Is Decentralisation Compatible with the Application of Performance Management? The Impacts of Minimum Service Standards on the Motivation of Local Government …
[4] The Political Costs of Abusing Human Rights: International Cooperation in Extraordinary Rendition
[5] Public implementation of Blockchain Technology
[6] The concept of agency theory in electoral democracy
[7] The influence of minimum service standards (MSS) to performance of local government to deliver services in Indonesia decentralised system
[8] Overcoming Public Sector Inefficiencies toward Universal Health Coverage: The Case for National Health Insurance Systems in Asia and the Pacific
[9] Analysis of Local Financial Management Transparency Based on Websites on Local Government in Java
[10] Deepwater or Troubled Water? Principal–Agent Theory and Performance-Based Contracting in the Coast Guard's Deepwater Modernization Program
International Journal of Public Administration, 2018
[11] The inclusive economic development model in Sulawesi island
[12] Análisis de desempeño del Sistema Privado de Pensiones: un acercamiento desde la teoría de agencia
[13] Institutional Assessment of Health Research Capacity in Uzbekistan
Dissertation, 2017
[14] Hedging Exchange Rate Risks
Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies, 2017
[15] An Examination of Differences in Division I FBS Student-Athlete Academic and Athletic Performance
[16] The impact of social capital on the personalisation of care
[17] Did 9/11 Change Everything? Security and Human Rights Trade-offs in International Cooperation
[18] Hedging of Exchange Rate Risks
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[19] Who Are My Clients and What Do They Need from Me?
The Art and Craft of Policy Advising, 2017
[20] Bureaucratic Identity and the Shape of Public Policy: A Game Theoretic Analysis
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American Journal of Education, 2016
[22] Three dimensions of change in government corporations
2016? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ????? [3? ?? ????], 2016
[23] Economy and Nonprofit Sector
[24] A képviseleti demokrácia megbízó-ügynök elméleti modellje
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State and Local Government Review, 2015
[26] Productive Efficiency of Public Expenditures A Cross-state Study
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Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, 2014
[28] " Circling the wagons and shooting inward": Understanding how nursing administrators approach the policy process
ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2014
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