0" cellpadding="0" style="text-align: justify;"> [1] An Integrated Navigation System Design For Quadrotors [2] A Tilt Sensor Node Embedding a Data-Fusion Algorithm for Vibration-Based SHM 2019 [3] The Development of a Kinesthetic Feedback System for Lower-Limb Prosthetic Use 2019 [4] Tree pruning/inspection robot climbing mechanism design, kinematics study and intelligent control: a thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the … 2018 [5] Absolute and Relative Navigation of an sUAS Swarm Using Integrated GNSS, Inertial and Range Radios 2018 [6] Consistent map building in petrochemical complexes for firefighter robots using SLAM based on GPS and LIDAR ROBOMECH Journal, 2018 [7] Particle filter based integrated navigation for quadrotors International Journal of Sustainable Aviation, 2018 [8] A Novel Method Based on a High-Dynamic Hybrid Forecasting Model for Fiber Optic Gyroscope Drift 2017 [9] Influence of motion profile on estimating anatomical elbow joint axes using inertial measurement units 2017 [10] Development of a Hand-Tracker: Wireless Solution based on Inertial Sensors 2016 [11] Development of Hand-Tracker: Wireless Solutation Based on Inertial Sensors 2016 [12] Techniques in Kalman Filtering for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation 2015 [13] Rotary Inertial Navigation System with a Low-cost MEMS IMU and Its Integration with GNSS 2015 [14] Recursive Bayesian Estimation Applied to Autonomous Vehicles 2015 [15] MEMS based IMU for tilting measurement: Comparison of complementary and kalman filter based data fusion Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), 2015 IEEE 10th Conference on, 2015 [16] 基于自适应H∞ 滤波的组合导航方法研究 仪器仪表学报, 2014 [17] 基于自适应 H∞ 滤波的组合导航方法研究 仪器仪表学报, 2014 [18] DECENTRALIZED ROBUST NONLINEAR MODEL PREDICTIVE CONTROLLER FOR UNMANNED AERIAL SYSTEMS 2013 [19] Adaptive and resilient flight control system for a small unmanned aerial system International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2013 [20] Direction cosine matrix based IMU implementation in Matlab/Simulink 2013 [21] Closely-coupled SINS/GPS Integrated Navigation Technology Based on Gaussian Sum Particle Filter Fusion 2012 [22] MEMS INS/GPS data fusion using particle filter/MEMS INS/GPS duomenu sinteze taikant daleliu filtra 2011 [23] MEMS INS/GPS Data Fusion using Particle Filter Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 2011 [24] A Federated particle filtering algorithm based on EKPF Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE), 2011 International Conference on. IEEE, 2011 [25] MEMS 기반 관성항법장치의 칼만 필터 설계 문제점과 해결방안 고찰 한국항해항만학회 학술대회논문집, 2011 [26] 국문논문집내용 BULLETIN OF THE SOCIETY OF NAVAL ARCHITECTS OF KOREA, 2011 [27] 무인차량의 강인한 경유점 주행을 위한 베지어 곡선 기반 경로 계획 Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems, 2011 [28] Bezier Curve-Based Path Planning for Robust Waypoint Navigation of Unmanned Ground Vehicle Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems, 2011
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