ter_CitePaper_GoogleScholar_span_showJournalName_0" style="Display:None;"> 2019 [2] Land Use/Cover study of Columbia Missouri 2019 [3] Land use change and conversion effects on ground water quality trends: An integration of land change modeler in GIS and a new Ground Water Quality Index … Food and Chemical Toxicology, 2018 [4] Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Changes in an Ecologically Fragile Area—Alappuzha District, Southern Kerala, India Natural Resources Research, 2018 [5] THE EFFECTS OF COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS ON REMOVING BARRIERS TO TREATMENT ADHERENCE IN HEMODIALYSIS … 2017 [6] THE EFFECTS OF COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL INTERVENTIONS ON REMOVING BARRIERS TO TREATMENT ADHERENCE IN HEMODIALYSIS PATIENTS 2017 [7] Coastal landuse and land cover change and transformations of Kanyakumari coast, India using remote sensing and GIS The Egyptian Journal of Remote Sensing and Space Science, 2017 [8] Land Transformation in the Western Periphery of Chandigarh: A Case Study Using Remote Sensing and GIS International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies, 2017 [9] Spatial and temporal distribution of water quality in a tropical canal 2017 [10] Identifying Trends in Land Transformation in Jodhpur City Using Remote Sensing and GIS Technology International Journal of Research in Engineering, IT and Social Sciences, 2017 [11] Aassessment of forest fragmentation in District Shopian using multitemporal land cover (A GIS Approach) 2017 [12] Assessment of Forest Fragmentation in District Shopian Using Multi-temporal Land Cover (A GIS Approach) 2017 [13] Land Transformation and Redevelopment Plan in CBD (A GIS based Study of Lal Chowk, J&K, India) Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS, 2016 [14] Urban Growth and Its Impact on Land Transformation in Medium Sized Urban Centres of Kashmir Valley 2016 [15] Mapping the Impact of Urbanization on Green Spaces: The Human Drivers of Land Use/Land Cover Change in Delhi 2016 [16] Wind erosion and soil susceptibility in the Free State Province, South Africa 2015 [17] Evaluating urban landscape dynamics over Srinagar city and its Environs 2015 [18] Effects of Land Transformation on Water Quality of Dal Lake, Srinagar, India Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing, 2014 [19] The application to uncertainty theory due to optimization of regional land-use structure 2014 [20] Land Transformation: An Outcome of Actor's Role in Srinagar Local Area 2013 [21] Quantification of Land Transformation Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques American Journal of Geographic Information System, 2012
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