"Seroprevalence and Molecular Biodiversity of Hepatitis B and Delta Virus Infections in the Republic of Congo"
written by A. Mongo-Onkouo, R. Itoko Okombi, A. Boumba, F. R. Niama, C. P. Ahoui-Apendi, J. F. Mimiesse Monamou, N. A. Itoua-Ngaporo, L. C. Atipo-Ibara Ollandzobo Ikobo, Deby Gassaye, M. Ngalessami Mouakosso, C. S. Adoua, B. I. Atipo-Ibara, J.-R. Ibara,
published by Open Journal of Gastroenterology, Vol.8 No.12, 2018
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