"Utilizing Anesthesiologists, Emergency and Critical Care Physicians with Telemedicine Monitoring to Develop Intubation and Ventilation Services in an Intensive Care Unit in the Austere Medical Environment: A Case Series. Expansion of the EP/CC GAS Project"
written by Richard Skupski, Arthur Toth, Michael T. McCurdy, Shane Kappler, James Lantry, Gerson Pyran, Donald Zimmer, Joseph Dynako, Anne Grisoli, David Zimmer, John Wilson, Bhavesh M. Patel, Hannelisa Callisen, Alyssa Chapital, Lovely Nathalie Colas, Marc Edson Augustin, Nathalie Edema, Enzo Del Brocco, Richard Frechette, Mark Thompson, James Corcoran, Michael Mazowiecki, Mark Walsh,
published by Open Journal of Anesthesiology, Vol.8 No.6, 2018
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