Paper_GoogleScholar_span_showJournalName_3" style="Display:None;"> 2019 [5] Oil palm empty fruit bunches as a promising feedstock for bioethanol production in Malaysia Renewable Energy, 2018 [6] Improving Fermentation of Steamed Stalk to Feed Using Candida utilis and Pachysolen tannophilus 2018 [7] Effects of different cellulases on the release of phenolic acids from rice straw during saccharification Bioresource Technology, 2017 [8] Biotechnological Applications of Trichoderma Species for Environmental and Food Security Plant Biotechnology: Recent Advancements and Developments, 2017 [9] Vegetable Production on Rice Bales Using Brackish Treated Drainage Water Irrigation and Drainage, 2016 [10] Potential of rice straw for bio-refining: An overview Bioresource Technology, 2016 [11] Factors Affecting Bioethanol Production from Hydrolyzed Bagasse 2016 [12] Prospects for Irradiation in Cellulosic Ethanol Production Biotechnology Research International, 2015
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