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A Literature Review of Old Products Recycling and Trade-In

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As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases. Therefore many researchers have paid attention to how to recycle and reuse the old products in the hands of consumers. Trade-in as one of the effective methods of recycling old products has also become the focus of researchers. In order to better understand the research progress of researchers on the old product recycling and trade-in, this paper has sorted out the relevant literature. After sorting out, it was found that researchers mostly study the recycling of old products from the choice of recycling methods, the impact of recycling of old products on pricing and multi-recycling channels. The main research method of this paper is to find out the shortcomings of the existing research through literature combing. The purpose of this research is to provide relevant inspiration and suggestions for future research, but also helping to find out the blank points of the research for further exploration; and helping to inspire recyclers to choose the optimal recycling strategy to better recycle old products, so as to achieve the utilization of resources.

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