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Determinism in Physics and Cognoscibility of a Picture of the World

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The purpose of the article is to show the key role of the deterministic mechanism of irreversibility (DMI) in the understanding of the picture of the world and in its construction. For this, a brief analysis of the historical development of the picture of the world and the tasks of its further development, connected with the problems of describing the processes of evolution in the framework of the laws of fundamental physics, has been carried out. It is shown how DMI removes these problems. The role of DMI in the statement of the principle of causality in physics is studied. It is shown how DMI contributes to the realization of the ideas of universal evolutionism. It also shows how the conclusion that the open non-equilibrium dynamic system should be an element of matter and why matter should be a hierarchy of such systems follows from the condition of DMI existence. Using the example of the relationship between the laws of the evolution of systems and the laws of the dynamics of their elements, it is demonstrated how the law of transition of quantity to quality is implemented in physics and how one can build a picture of the world from simplicity to complexity. It is shown how with the help of numerical methods possible to substantiate that the laws of thermodynamics, statistical physics follow from the fundamental laws of nature.

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