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An Infinite-Light and Infinite-Frequency in Cosmology and Neurosciences

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The aim of this paper is to introduce the new concept of an infinite-light and infinite-frequency. Research methodology includes literature review, new hypotheses and scientific explanations to support it are stated and clarified, and finally, suggestions are proposed on how to study it. In brief, this paper discusses a widely accepted big bang theory on creation of our universe which mentions formation of glowing or light before particle-formation phase, and concept of duality for an atom and light in relation to an infinite-light. These two notions clearly brought out light as a fundamental subject to discuss. In this manuscript, I hypothesize an existence of an infinite-light which has several peculiar features: 1) infinite-energy, 2) infinite frequency (waveless energy), 3) infinite time (timeless), and 4) infinite-space (infinite-universe). In connection with these features, an infinite-light can be theorized to exist either immediately after the big bang or prior to big bang. Interestingly, its existence can explain creation of the universe in further details. It might be able to unravel what has already existed before the big bang, what drives the isotropic and homogenous universe expansion, why there is cosmological constant and finally it may clarify matters related to consciousness, invisibility, black hole and dark energy. Nonetheless, one must bear in mind that most written in this manuscript are hypothetical and remain to be proven.

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