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Inspiration of Taoist Thought and Culture on the “New Chinese Style” Landscape Design

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It was the thousands of years of China history that gave birth to the excellent traditional ideology and culture, and in the long history the Chinese Taoism came into being and gave continuously influence and heritage. The philosophical thoughts of “let nature take its course” run through and influence all periods and fields, including the profound impact of Chinese traditional landscape closely related to nature, and the ideological pursuit of Taoist traditional culture reflected in Chinese traditional landscape. The Taoist ideological and cultural language endows the garden art with unique spiritual connotation, and the garden art endows the symbolic meaning of the essence of Taoist ideology and culture to everything, they interact with each other and develop in harmony. Therefore, this paper proposes to express spiritual culture with natural pattern in the new Chinese landscape design, explores the symbolic design expression of traditional landscape under the influence of Taoist ideology and culture, and applies it to the new Chinese landscape design to find the design ideas with spiritual connotation while inheriting the traditional ideology and culture.

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