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Practical Techniques for Restoration of Architectural Formation Elements in Historical Buildings

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Restoration of architectural formation elements is basically trying in estimating the optimization method which places it old architectural artist in his work. The article aims at rooting the methodology of restoration of the architectural formation elements. It is essentially intellectual effort by the restorer in assessing the best way the artist and the old architect in his work. In order to reach the purpose behind this works and analyze the original available techniques in the creation period, the restoration process can be completed as fully as possible. The research is concerned with re-confidence in the classical methods in the restoration of buildings as consolidation and reconstruction. The classical method is a real way to restore the building to its original form especially in the availability of all technological tools to achieve reporting and documentation. It is not necessary to extension in using unapplied materials and technique. In this regard, the research was able to provide solutions, ideas and techniques that helped preserve and restore elements of architectural formation. The research also pointed to the importance of linking the physical and plastic aspects of the archaeological element.

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