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Online TI-RADS Calculator

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Background: Thyroid nodules are common and fine needle aspiration (FNA) or surgery is used to assess for malignancy. Thyroid Imaging, Reporting and Data System (TI-RADS) use ultrasound for non-invasive risk stratification of thyroid nodules and reduce unnecessary biopsies. This project used an online calculator and education to facilitate the application of TI-RADS in clinical practice. Methods: Retrospective review defined the baseline reporting of thyroid nodule ultrasound features. Web-based resource and presentation were used to integrate TI-RADS in reporting thyroid ultrasounds and measure the improvements in comprehensive reporting of thyroid nodules and guiding management. Results: The percentage of thyroid ultrasound reporting using TI-RADS within six months increased from 0% to 27% during the project period. Reports with TI-RADS provided twice as many recommendations compared to reports without TI-RADS. Conclusion: Online TI-RADS calculator and education have successfully facilitated the integration of TI-RADS in thyroid ultrasound reporting to provide more accurate and comprehensive reports and guide management.

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