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What Is HR Management? —Based on the Matching of People and Posts

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In the final analysis, the competition among enterprises in the 21st century is the competition of human resources. Human resources management is still a great challenge for enterprises, and talent recruitment, brain drain and other issues are endless. In response to this problem, the article uses GATCO (Guangzhou) as an example to analyze the connotation and relationship of the components of human resource management based on the matching of people and posts. Research shows that, firstly, human resources management consists of four factors: human post matching, people matching, post matching, compensationand performance matching. Among them, post matching is the basis, performance compensation matching is the tool, and post matching is the strategic goal. Being oriented, everyone matching is the essence of achieving the strategic goal of post; Secondly, the ultimate orientation of human resource management activity is the realization of employee self-value and the realization of corporate value. Among them, the realization of employee value is the premise of the realization of enterprise value; Thirdly, the most critical part of the post matching is talent, not post; Fourthly, the operation of human resources management activities comes from the joint forces among various elements. Its essence is a series of activities carried out under the guidance of strategic goals, based on positions, and human-centered.

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