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Human Rights in the Context of Criminal Justice: A Study of Urban Crime

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Urban areas are known by their facilities and enhanced opportunities of living and employment. With the availing all the facilities, many serious issues have emerged due to urbanization in developing countries. The most highlighted problems include security and crime in urban areas in developing countries. This paper is aimed to focus on the urban crime, the reasons behind the crime happened, the major indicators of crimes and what is the city response and what policy should be developed by police and society. To achieve the objective of this research secondary data was used. With the help of literature crime indicators were explored and explained well in this research. Eight countries were analyzed with the help of literature to check the overall crime situation there. Crime in those all eight countries was low to high level. It is in alarming in some areas of Africa and other developing countries. Study showed crime is increasing from last three years which is high. In any society urban crime prevails it created unsafe environment, threaten to lives, threaten to belonging and has impact on life quality and economy of the country. Law force agencies must be empowered and well equipped to control the situation. Its government responsibilities to create employment opportunities for youth so that they cannot engage into illegal activities.

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