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Analyses of Dermatoglyphic Patterns in Ntamante, Boki Local Government Area (LGA) of Cross River State, Nigeria

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Analysis of the dermatoglyphics pattern in Ntamante Boki LGA of Cross River State, South-South, Nigeria is a research work carried out with the sole aim of analysing the dermatoglyphics pattern of the Ntamante people of Boki LGA in Cross river. Two hundred persons were randomly selected for the research comprising male and females. The collection of the finger prints was done using the ink procedure described by Cummins and Midlo analysis of data that was done using SPSS. The result obtained was thus: for females, the mean standard deviation was least in the radial loop (1 ± 1.6), followed by the Arches (4.9 ± 3.8), the Whorls (6.4 ± 4.4) and highest on the Ulnar loop (9.1 ± 9.7). Variables measured differed significantly (p = 0.05) with a Chi-square (X2) value of 17.41. Pr > Chisq = 0.053. For males, the mean standard deviation was highest in the Ulnar Loop pattern (12.6 ± 9.2), followed by the arch pattern (4.7 ± 2.8), then the whorls (3.3 ± 3) and then the radial loops (0.1 ± 0.4). This index study shows a higher frequency distribution of patterns of the Ulnar Loop, followed by the arches, then the whorls and finally the radial loop in the male samples which is different from the usual trend of Ulnar loop > Whorls > Arches > Radial loop obtained in other ethnic groups in Nigeria following the work of Jaja et al. among the Ijaws, Ekanem et al. amongst the Annangs, Ujaddughe et al. amongst the Esan of Edo state. Sexual dimorphism was evident in this research work with males showing a higher Ulnar loop distribution (12.6 ± 9.2), while the female percentage frequency distribution was (9.1 ± 9.7). In conclusion, this study shows the percentage frequencies of patterns among the Ntamante with the Ulnar Loop >Arch > Whorls> Radial loop amongst the males. Amongst the females, this was the distribution of pattern: Ulnar Loop > Whorls > Arches > Radial Loop. This is in line with what was obtained in different ethnic groups in Nigeria with regards to the percentage frequency distribution in the females, while amongst the males, the distribution shows the distribution pattern in Asia and Europe.

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