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Cosmic Continuum Theory: A New Idea on Hilbert’s Sixth Problem

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Hilbert’s sixth problem “The mathematical treatment of the axioms of physics” is a century-old problem that still plagues the scientific community. It is a solution necessary to establish a unified axiom of the basic theories of physics according to the characteristics of a mathematical axiomatic system needed to solve this problem. The cosmic continuum hypothesis can make classical theory, quantum theory and relativity have common logical foundation. According to this model, the universe is a continuum formed by the existence continuum and the existence dimension continuum. Their movement and changes can be described by an axiomatic system. The concrete steps are as follows: 1) Construct the axiom system of a cosmic continuum and establish the basic theory of force. 2) Construct the axiom system of action at a distance and establish the basic theory of field. 3) Based on the axiom system of force and field, the axiom system of the branches of physics is established.

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