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Astrophysics: Macroobject Shell Model

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DOI: 10.4236/jhepgc.2017.34057    430 Downloads   1,256 Views Citations


The model proposes that Nuclei of all macroobjects (Galaxy clusters, Galaxies, Star clusters, Extrasolar systems) are made up of Dark Matter Particles (DMP). These Nuclei are surrounded by Shells composed of both Dark and Baryonic matter. This model is used to explain various astrophysical phenomena: Multi-wavelength Pulsars; Binary Millisecond Pulsars; Gamma-Ray Bursts; Fast Radio Bursts; Young Stellar Object Dippers; Starburst Galaxies; Gravitational Waves. New types of Fermi Compact Stars made of DMP are introduced: Neutralino star, WIMP star, and DIRAC star. Gamma-Ray Pulsars are rotating Neutralino and WIMP stars. Merger of binary DIRAC stars can be a source of Gravitational waves.

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