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Direction Detecting System of Indoor Smartphone Users Using BLE in IoT

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Indoor organization user activity’s (UA) direction detection monitoring system and also emergency prediction are major challenging tasks in the field of the typical body sensor and indoor fixed sensor networks. In this paper, indoor UA based direction detection monitoring system is achieved by the combination of both the orientation sensor and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in user’s smartphones belonging to the Internet of Things (IoT). The orientation sensor senses the actual orientation of the user and BLE transmits the sensed BLE signals to monitoring system using star topology in IoT. In monitoring system, classification algorithm is used to identify the directions of the smartphone users. The emergency situation of the user is also predicted based on signal variation instantly in real time. The user activity’s signals are captured using LabVIEW toolkit then applied to various classification algorithms such asRF—91.42%, Ibk—90.55%, j48— 85.61%, K*—73.54% are the results obtained. An average of 85% was obtained in all the classifi- cation algorithims indicating the consistency and accuracy in detecting the directions of the users. RF was found to be the best among all the classification algorithms. IoT enabled devices have high demand in near coming future, moreover smartphones users increase day by day, hence implementing and maintaining the above said system would be much easier and cheaper compared to other conventional networks.

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