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Assessment of Main Parameters of Extreme Earthquakes in Red Sea, West Coast of Saudi Arabia

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The negative effects of natural disasters on human life exist from the foot and did not occur at a specific time but found since the creation of mankind. Humans coexist with extreme events all the time, only when the intensity of the event becomes greater than a certain level there is a resulting disaster. Small earthquakes occur all of the time with no adverse effects. Only large earthquakes cause disasters. Statistical analysis reveals that larger events occur less frequently than small events. Through the large number of seismic events, we find that at the end of the year may have a series of seismic events with different values depending on the strength of activity whether it is high or low on Richter scale and the assessment is only for the greatest value in a year even if recurring this value and the volume of dangerous increases and the frequency of their occurrence according to an ongoing activity, major disasters result from a small number of events and sustained results in a large and devastating event, and can be represented by these results and amounts On a log-scale which points are almost on a straight line and a clear indication of the evaluation event. Through previous data analysis we can understand the following events behavior for coordination and guidance on the development of evacuation plans on the expected future and use a Weibull equation to estimate the frequency of the event and the return again as a percentage for each event and the probability of the occurrence of a particular earthquake to some degree on the Richter scale in the sea during any period. Past records of earthquakes at the West Coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Red Sea) for years 1913-2016 are used to predict future conditions concerning the annual frequency, the return period, the percentage probability for each event, and the probability of a certain-magnitude earthquake occurring in the region during any period.

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Quliti, S. , Harbi, T. , Yami, M. , Ghamdi, A. and Shammari, M. (2016) Assessment of Main Parameters of Extreme Earthquakes in Red Sea, West Coast of Saudi Arabia. Open Journal of Earthquake Research, 5, 122-134. doi: 10.4236/ojer.2016.52010.

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