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Evaluation of Pesticide Toxicity and Chemical Compounds Revealed in Soils of Sikasso and Segou (Mali)

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The contaminants of the ground are potentially harmful agents and when they are released in this medium, their persistence becomes an important concern. Because of the expressed interest, a certain number of pesticides and important chemicals and their toxicity are described in this article. The studies went on the determination of the concentration, the lethal amount of the organochlorinated compounds, chemical organophosphates, carbamates and compounds. One summer recorded 3 pesticides in 5 samples of the grounds of Sikasso and Segou (Mali). Their concentration varies from 20 (atrazine) with 45 g/kg of ground. The lethal amounts of the revealed poisons variable from 338 for phtalates to 28.710 mg/kg for hexane (alkane) thus evaluate their impact on the food chain. Organophosphates and the carbamates (insecticidal) involve a reduction of 34.2% of the number of Cyprinus carpio of fresh water. The atrazine contaminates drinking water, but the diuron modifies the behavior and the reproduction of fish by deteriorating their system of olfactive perception of natural substances. Important mortalities of birds are noted around the corn fields of Bougouni treated by the carbofuran. The pesticides involve at the man a reduction in fruitfulness, an increase in the risk of miscarriage of premature birth, congenital malformations and cancers.

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