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Modified Newtonian Dynamics as an Entropic Force

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Under natural assumptions on the thermodynamic properties of space and time with the holo-graphic principle, we reproduce a MOND-like behaviour of gravity on particular scales of mass and length, where Newtonian gravity requires a modification or extension if no dark matter component is introduced in the description of gravitational phenomena. The result is directly obtained with the assumption that a fundamental constant of nature with dimensions of acceleration needs to be introduced into gravitational interactions. This in turn allows for modifications or extensions of the equipartion law and/or the holographic principle. In other words, MOND-like phenomenology can be reproduced when appropriate generalised concepts at the thermodynamical level of space and/or at the holographic principle are introduced. Thermodynamical modifications are reflected in extensions to the equipartition law which occur when the temperature of the system drops below a critical value, equals to Unruh’s temperature evaluated at the acceleration constant scale introduced for the description of the gravitational phenomena. Our calculations extend the ones by [1] in which Newtonian gravity is shown to be an emergent phenomenon, and together with it reinforces the idea that gravity at all scales is emergent.

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