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Evaluation of Age Related Changes in Cervical Spine in Saudi Arabian Adult Population: Using CT Scan Images

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Purpose: Cervical spine is considered to be the most moving part of vertebral column. It is located in a very important part of the body i.e. neck having some very important structures related to it. Any age related changes occurring in such a part of vertebral column may lead to many disorders and disabilities. Complete familiarity of this entire region anatomically as well as radiologically is therefore of utmost importance for the diagnosis and management of such disorders. Aim of this work is to evaluate the frequency of age related degeneration in cervical spine in Saudi adult asymptomatic subjects using CT scan images. Methods: In this study, 105 cases of symptomless adults ranging between 18 - 90 years of age were included. The cases were classified into 3 groups; adult group (18 - 35 years old), middle age group (36 - 55 years old) and old age group (56 - 90 years old). Their CT scans were performed in the department of radiology, King Khalid Hospital, Al Kharj and studied for any age related changes. Results: The first age group category included 35 cases; 20 had normal and 15 degenerative changes. The second category included 35 cases; 3 had normal and 32 degenerative changes. The third category included 35 cases. Single had normal and 34 degenerative changes. Conclusion: Asymptomatic degenerative changes are common in the cervical spine after 30 years of age in Saudi adult asymptomatic subjects.

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