Call For Papers

    Special Issue on Public Policy

    Public policy is the principled guide to action taken by the administrative executive branches of the state with regard to a class of issues, in a manner consistent with law and institutional customs. The foundation of public policy is composed of national constitutional laws and regulations. Further substrates include both judicial interpretations and regulations which are generally authorized by legislation. Public policy is considered strong when it solves problems efficiently and effectively, serves justice, supports governmental institutions and policies, and encourages active citizenship.

    In this special issue, we intend to invite front-line researchers and authors to submit original research and review articles on public policy. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Governmental decisions making
    • Constitutional laws and regulations
    • Democracy policy
    • Domestic policy and foreign policy
    • Political economy and fiscal policy
    • Public management and government implementation
    • Energy policy and environmental policy
    • Policy reforms
    • Welfare Policy

    Authors should read over the journal’s For Authors carefully before submission. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal’s Paper Submission System.

    Please kindly notice that the “Special Issue” under your manuscript title is supposed to be specified and the research field “Special Issue – Public Policy” should be chosen during your submission.

    According to the following timetable:

    Submission Deadline

    December 13th, 2018

    Publication Date

    January 2019

    OJPS Editorial Office