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    Special Issue on Pigs


    A pig is any of the animals in the genus Sus, within the Suidae family of even-toed ungulates. Pigs include the domestic pig and its ancestor, the common Eurasian wild boar, along with other species; related creatures outside the genus include the peccary, the babirusa, and the warthog.


    In this special issue, we intend to invite front-line researchers and authors to submit original researches and review articles on exploring pigs. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:


    • Monitoring feed intake and growth
    • Behavioral observations and behavioral tests
    • Habitat and reproduction
    • Diet and foraging
    • Relationship with humans
    • Domestic pigs
    • Pathogens and parasitic organisms
    • Minor surgical procedures
    • Welfare measurement


    Authors should read over the journal’s For Authors carefully before submission. Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal at Paper Submission System.


    Please kindly specify the “Special Issue” under your manuscript title. The research field “Special Issue – Pigs” should be selected during your submission.


    Special Issue timetable:


    Submission Deadline

    September 20th, 2017

    Publication Date

    October 2017


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