International Journal of Geosciences

International Journal of Geosciences

ISSN Print: 2156-8359
ISSN Online: 2156-8367


Prof.   Jacques Bourgois,  Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France
Prof.   Shuanggen Jin,  Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, China

Editorial Board

Dr.   John S. Armstrong-Altrin,  National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
Prof.   Jong-Jin Baik,  Seoul National University, South Korea
Prof.   Rajasekhar Balasubramanian,  National University of Singapore, Singapore
Prof.   Charles E. Button,  Central Connecticut State University, USA
Dr.   Jian Chen,  University of North Alabama, USA
Prof.   Ferid Dhahri,  Tunis El Manar University, Tunisia
Dr.   Paul R. Eizenhöfer,  University of Tübingen, Germany
Dr.   Dionisios Gasparatos,  Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Prof.   Yury G. Gatinsky,  Vernadsky State Geological Museum, Russia
Prof.   Zakaria Hamimi,  Benha University, Egypt
Prof.   Ruixia Hao,  Peking University, China
Prof.   T. Harinarayana,  BSAR Crescent Institute of Science and Technology, India
Prof.   Oleg B. Khavroshkin,  Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dr.   Bing Lu,  Department of Geography Simon Fraser University, Canada
Prof.   Anthony Lupo,  University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Prof.   Ashok K. Mishra,  Clemson University, USA
Dr.   Massimo Mucciardi,  University of Messina, Italy
Prof.   Gerel Ochir,  Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Mongolia
Prof.   Junboum Park,  Seoul National University, South Korea
Dr.   Tarek Awad Seleem Salama,  Suez Canal University, Egypt
Dr.   Mark J. Sciuchetti Jr.,  Jacksonville State University, USA
Prof.   Mahmoud Mohamed Senosy,  Assiut University, Egypt
Dr.   Shailesh Kumar Singh,  National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand
Prof.   Xianfang Song,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dr.   Agata Di Stefano,  University of Catania, Italy
Prof.   Khalid Tarawneh,  Amman Arab University, Jordan
Dr.   Donald M. Thieme,  Valdosta State University, USA
Prof.   George Tsiambaos,  National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Prof.   Yaw A. Twumasi,  Southern University and A&M College, USA
Prof.   Bernd Wünnemann,  Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
Prof.   Fawu Wang,  Shimane University, Japan
Prof.   Xinghui Xia,  Beijing Normal University, China
Dr.   Jianwen Yang,  University of Windsor, Canada
Prof.   Xiaohuan Yang,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof.   Lianyang Zhang,  University of Arizona, USA
Prof.   A-Xing Zhu,  University of Wisconsin, USA
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