Advances in Microbiology

Advances in Microbiology

ISSN Print: 2165-3402
ISSN Online: 2165-3410

Associate Editors-in-Chief

Dr.   Thaddeus Chukwuemeka Ezeji,  The Ohio State University & OARDC, USA
Dr.   Chang-Hui Shen,  University of New York (CUNY), USA

Editorial Board

Prof.   Iqbal Ahmad,  Aligarh Muslim University, India
Prof.   Roberto Arenas,  Chief of the Mycology Section at “Dr. Manuel Gea González” General Hospital, Mexico
Dr.   Kayanush (Kai) J. Aryana,  Louisiana State University, USA
Prof.   Andrei L. Barkovskii,  Georgia College & State University, USA
Dr.   Payam Behzadi,  Islamic Azad University, Iran
Prof.   Frans J. de Bruijn,  INRA/CNRS Laboratory of the Interaction Plant-Microorganisms, France
Prof.   Sang Ho Choi,  Seoul National University, South Korea
Prof.   Madhusudan Choudhary,  Department of Biological Sciences, Sam Houston State University, USA
Dr.   Mohamed O. Elasri,  The University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Prof.   Daniel Y. C. Fung,  Kansas State University, USA
Prof.   Gamil Sayed Gamil Zeedan,  National Research Centre, Egypt
Prof.   Elisabeth Grohmann,  University of Freiburg, Germany
Dr.   Kaisa Haukka,  University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof.   Ming-Liang He,  City University of Hong Kong, China
Prof.   Carlos A. Jerez,  University of Chile, Chile
Prof.   Diniz Pereira Leite Junior,  Adolfo Lutz Institute, Center for Parasitology and Mycology, Brazil
Dr.   Zvi Kelman,  University of Maryland, USA
Prof.   Mohiuddin Md. Taimur Khan,  University of New Mexico, USA
Prof.   Yanbin Li,  University of Arkansas, USA
Dr.   Yingguang Liu,  Liberty University, USA
Dr.   Pamela A. Marshall,  Arizona State University, USA
Prof.   Abdul Matin,  Faculty of Natural and Health Sciences, University of Baltistan, Pakistan
Prof.   James Gordon Mitchell,  Flinders University, Australia
Dr.   Xiaozhen Mou,  Kent State University, USA
Prof.   Saleh A. Naser,  University of Central Florida, USA
Dr.   Masoumeh Navidinia,  Department of Laboratory Sciences, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran
Prof.   Michele K. Nishiguchi,  New Mexico State University, USA
Prof.   Heui-Dong Park,  Kyungpook National University, South Korea
Dr.   Germán Eduardo Piñas,  University of Utah, USA
Prof.   Ales Prokop,  Vanderbilt University, USA
Prof.   Alexander Rapoport,  University of Latvia, Latvia
Dr.   Jyotisna Saxena,  The Ohio State University, USA
Dr.   Maulin Pramod Shah,  Industrial Waste Water Research Laboratory, India
Prof.   Abdelaal Shamseldin,  Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute, Egypt
Dr.   Jun Sun,  Rush University, USA
Prof.   Michael K. Watters,  Valparaiso University, USA
Dr.   Jing Xu,  Northwestern University, USA
Prof.   Zhongtang Yu,  The Ohio State University, USA
Prof.   Olga Zaborina,  University of Chicago, USA
Dr.   Zhe Zhang,  Zhejiang University, China
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